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Introducing Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) - The better way to Wi-Fi Read more

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Resolved! Extending Google Wi-Fi

Hello! First time here, I am looking to extend my Google Wi-Fi network to accommodate an outbuilding in my garden.My thoughts here are to run a CAT6 insulated cable along with the electric cable, now in my simple approach to this I was hoping I would...

Broomy by Community Member
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Resolved! wifi router replacement due to known issue - form broken

I got an email from # yesterday saying my router has an issue and can be replaced at no cost to me.I've been suffering with the issue mentioned so was happy to see this but the form link in the email is broken.Not sure how to process this replacement...

Unable to change Google Wifi LAN IP

Hi,Google Wifi (second gen) isn't accepting a new LAN IP. There aren't any error messages when I save, but when I go back into LAN IP settings, it reverts back to the previous settings. I've restarted and reset, but no different.Has anyone else seen ...

JayDeeDaz by Community Member
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Resolved! Mesh router and three points - Internet but no Apple Music

Three points working very well for Internet. However on my iPhone in the Home app + option, Add Services > Music no Apple music service under More Music services . Youtube Spotify No Default and Deezer all there but no apple Music Service. I have Ama...

BigBadger by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi network with two google nest wifi router - Ethernet port?

Hello If I create a wifi network with two google nest wifi routers, where one acts as a router (on the living room floor) and the other acts as a point (1st floor).Is it then possible to use an ethernet cable from the router on the 1st floor router t...

Pesen333 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest point and google WiFi point are down

I have a nest wifi router, a nest point and a Google wifi point. Since yesterday points are down. I've restarted the router several times and nothing has changed. Any idea what is going on?Thanks

papaperro by Community Member
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My one Nest unit is a brick

Hi guysI have a nest network with 4 units active and working nicely. One of the units in the pack can’t however be found using the Home App.It’s visible on the WiFi network, but I can’t connect since it wants a password. Home just does not see it, no...

AnthonyO by Community Member
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Ethernet ports on google nest mesh router quit working

I have a 3 router system. Today the Ethernet ports on the 2 routers I have placed around my house, the ones not connected to the cable modem, quit working. It doesn't look like there has been a recent firmware update the version being run is 13099.11...

balcorn62 by Community Member
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Nest wifi

So, I'm curious why my mesh network changed and is now displaying speeds that are way lower than what I was usually getting. I'm running 1 GB/s from my gateway.

DLenner88 by Community Member
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