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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

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Nest WiFi Drops Mesh Connections and lose IP Addresses.

Greetings!I've been dealing with an issue for several weeks (months maybe) where I'll notice that my WiFi connections stop passing traffic. They are still connected to the WiFi network, but no traffic seems to pass. If I try to connect a new device t...

Sithlord by Community Member
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nest wifi

Hi, I can't get my nest WiFi router to connect to any iot device's, ie indoor camera light bulb etc , as they operate on the 2.4ghz spectrum Is there anyway around this?

andy404 by Community Member
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Google Wi-Fi not connecting the mesh network anymore

I’ve a 3 devices setup / The 2 additional points stoped working overnight. All devices started experiencing disconnection. Mesh test of speed stoped working as well. I did the factory reset from the points - no success. Then did the factory reset of ...

Fabiano by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Point New Zealand

I've purchased a stand alone nest router in New Zealand and need a wifi point to expand wifi. I cannot buy individual nest wifi points in New Zealand (Google aren't selling here for some reason). The only option I've being given is to purchase anothe...

mcnearna by Community Member
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myQ App

I the Google Wifi Nest router (3 pack) and everything is connected except the myQ app for my Liftmaster garage doors. Any ideas on how to get them to connect to my home network?

2.4 devices have stopped working

It seems like my 2.4 devices have stopped working and I can’t get them to connect anymore. Roku premier and some smart lights. Did an update screw this up? Could a setting somewhere have done this?

Jdock by Community Member
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Unable to factory reset Google Wifi AC2200 router

I followed the steps in google support The factory reset button is located on the bottom of the router. Look for a circle etched into the bottom.Press and hold the factory reset button for 10 seconds. The light will flash yellow then turn solid yello...

Adithya by Community Member
  • 53 replies
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Why isn’t my second nest point connecting?

Hi, I had to factory reset my network, my nest wifi router is working fine, my first nest point is working fine but the secind one does not connect to wifi - it fails connecting on the last step

Jaime22 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Port Forwarding doesn't exist

I just setup this router and I don't see any option for port forwarding.Instructions I found say go to > Settings > Advanced Networking > Port Management > AddI don't have "Advanced Networking" in my Google Home app What can I do ?

snyder by Community Member
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Setting up home(2.4Ghz) devices

Google responded with misinformation to my post. If you try to set these devices up from your phone that connected at 5Ghz, it does not work. They offered an explanation that details that how they will work(once set up), but that is not the problem.

Boomer by Community Member
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