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Nest wifi connection problem

Just got New nest wifi with two extenders. when trying to connect the wifi it keeps saying “ Ethernet cable not connected to wan but it actually is” if it ain’t eventually gets past this it seems to think there is not a internet connection to the rou...

Nest Wifi with Duo bug

I just experienced a very creepy and disturbing bug. I heard the Duo ringtone through the Nest point (which was odd in the first place) but did not answer it. The real disturbing part was the the call somehow connected and was broadcasting the caller...

tfletch76 by Community Member
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Can’t setup Google Wi-Fi (app hangs out)

Hello, I’ve just bought a Google Wi-Fi pack with 3 routers and I was about to return them when decided to give this a try Ultimately I want to connect it directly to my ONT where the fibre arrives, replacing my isp router (BT). But for now I’m simply...

Tiago by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi point keeps dropping the connection

I see there have been various posts on this issue but no clear resolution was provided. Troubleshooting on these issues presents like some outside cause or misdiagnosing as an ISP outage, however, this issue is real and I would like to understand how...

DaveTheDad by Community Member
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Inconsistent Mesh Tests

This has been happening on a regular basis, at least several times a week. The most recent occurrence happened this afternoon. Devices start lagging and losing connections. I run a mesh test and see this: So, I restarted the network and got this:Rest...

Screenshot_20211202-132703_Home.jpg Screenshot_20211202-132954_Home.jpg Screenshot_20211202-133411_Home.jpg Screenshot_20211202-134212_Home.jpg
nickp001 by Community Member
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Google Wifi Throttling

I have Gig connection and the wifi throttles speeds. Is there away to allow me to allow higher speeds to all the devices not just priorized devices for a set time? Can the throttling be turned off?

comoped by Community Member
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Mesh Wi-Fi not connecting, router not updating.

just bought a Google hub max, with Nest Wi-Fi mesh router and point. It’s all set up and seems to be working. Says network is online and Wi-Fi points are connected but they won’t connect to a mesh network. When I run the mesh test it just stays on th...

Spider by Community Member
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