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Resolved! how to connect 2.4GHz WiFi heater with Nest WiFi Pro

Hi,I had ASUS router which would allow me to only turn on 2.4GHz which then allowed me to connect my Famgizmo WiFi electric heater to the network.Last week I upgraded to Nest WiFi Pro, and also my network settings have changed. Now I am unable to rec...

ykilic by Community Member
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Google home app error message

Google Home App on Iphone keep showing "disconnected device" error for Google Home Hub and despite factory reset on google home hub and it being on the same wifi router as app on IOS ( which is running latest updated version of app) I cant get it to ...

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Karlster by Community Member
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Connect Google Wifi via Ethernet?

Hey, I wanted to connect one of my pucks to the main puck via Ethernet to get a better connection, but it never shows “wired” in the app. I have my main puck connected to my modem via Ethernet in the WAN port. I then have another Ethernet cable conne...

Google Nest Wifi (3) pack

My isp is via hotspot, requiring login/password to connect. Will the GA00823-US Google Nest WiFi (3) pack connect/work with this type of isp service ?

Mwardsec by Community Member
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Can't set up new nest WiFi, "connection issues"

When setting up my new nest WiFi after scanning the QR code I always get a "connection issues" error saying my modem isn't providing Internet access to the router. However, I am upgrading from an old Asus router that works perfectly fine with that mo...

joeypro24 by Community Member
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Speed limit on Mesh points

Hi! For some months I've been using a Google Nest mesh system at my home with my ISP provider connection of 100MBps, without any concerns. However, I now upgraded the service to a 500MB package and I realized that despite the connection at the router...

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NAT loopback problem on Google Nest Wifi pro

So we've got a router/modem from Telenet in bridge modus (it's the modem from my local internet provider called Telenet (Belgium).Behind that is a Google nest wifi pro router in NAT modus.And there's a second nest wifi pro router acting as an Acces P...

Resolved! Two or more Nest Routers failed to connect to the LAN for Mesh activities..

Hello friends,I'm a little bit in despair. I would like to install two, later three Nest routers in my flat and connect them via the LAN network because the respective routers have a very poor connection to each other via the WLAN.I have already read...

Chris_T by Community Member
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Devices getting disconnected randomly and had to join the guest network

@Jhonleanmel Hi I was supposed to get an email as per this thread. I am still having the connection drop problem. No one...

bpans by Community Member
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