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Connecting a third party outdoor access point to nest router lan port

Hi, I live in an old stone building with Nest Wifi working well as a mesh internally but limited connectivity to outbuildings.Question: is it possible to mount a third party outdoor wireless access point and connect it to the Nest router LAN port? Wi...

C-Boy by Community Member
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Google Nest WiFi Pro model H2D issues with AT&T BGW210-700

Hello,I've read several forums on this issue, and none seem to come to a clear and complete resolution.When I first had my nest wifi pro system, I set it up in IP passthrough mode and everything worked fantastically. I was working home during the pan...

bdmoore2 by Community Member
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Do I have to connect my 2nd Google wifi to WAN?

Hi! I have one Google Wifi router that is connected to WAN. Now I’m Trying to add a new Google Wifi but I am not allowed to do so without connecting it to WAN. I only have one WAN-port in my wall. Do you know what’s wrong?

Joma1 by Community Member
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Wifi routers

Hi, I have Google wifi and have multiple ones around the house. My problem is that I was trying to use virtual desktop to play pc vr wirelessly but it says I'm am connected to a different network because of the multiple points. How do I change which ...

Beckham by Community Member
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Help on how to improve Wifi Pro

I bought a 3 pack of Nest Wifi Pro when it launched, and generally it's been great. However, the point that's setup in the basement seems to be performing horribly right now. The way my network is currently setup is:Fiber modem setup in a closet in t...

weebs11 by Community Member
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VOIP Phone Issues w/ Nest WIFI - not working when plugged into LAN

My mother in law recently started working from home. Her company sent her home with an Avaya physical VOIP phone. It must be hard wired. Because the office space is not by the modem, I set her up with Nest WIFI so she could plug into the LAN port on ...

Changing the 5 ghz setting from 5745 down to 5180

Hello, My ISP found that my speed drops dramatically when I log into my wifi. I have a fixed wireless system and the 5 ghz is operating at 5745 which causes my receiving dish have issues. I’ve look throughout the google wifi but can’t find the area t...

Foggy420 by Community Member
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