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Single Google Nest Point dropping connection?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for help on an issue that started only recently. I've had Google nest wifi for maybe over a year now, and since setup everything has worked perfectly... Until now. In the last week or two, a single satellite/point will sto...

ThiccNorm by Community Member
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Nest Router constantly offline

My Nest router shows offline Disconnected everything, reboot modem , factory reset router ent through the set up sequence, says it connects, give it a name, password, agree to conditions get to final page of setup and it fails Any advice

DR3 by Community Member
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WiFi mash system problem with connection

Hello,i have a 2000sqft apartment with a WiFi mash system. The Router and 3 satellites.on a daily bases I can’t surf and don’t have connection to the internet! I’m connected to the WiFi network but I can’t surf or use the network printer. So I will u...

PvA1 by Community Member
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Wifi points unable to connect

After a home remodel, I am trying to reconnect my 2 wifi points to Google Home. My new Pixel 6 Pro cannot read the QCR code on the devices and the setup codes are 1 digit longer than the default so I cannot add them manually.Only had them 1 .5 years!...

Google wifi

I have google wifi with 3 points. I haven’t used the extra points for a year. I’ve turned them back on but cannot see where to mesh them in google home. It won’t come up automatically like it used to in google wifi. Any suggestions? Thank you.

djessb by Community Member
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Resolved! Setting up Google wifi a second time

My house was struck by lightening and it fried the Google wifi point being used as the main point/router. I tried to move another of the points to the main point but I can't get Google Home app the find the Google WiFi to set it up. Is there anything...

Unable to connect to Nest Wifi

I am trying to add my google wifi as additional point to my google nest wifi but the google wifi become a new separate network instead of joining the mesh. It was working perfectly well previously. However, there i just renovated my house and there w...

Near Wi-Fi router dropping constantly

I bought my Google Wi-Fi + 3 points in January 2022 and in the last 4-6 weeks the router keeps dropping. Ive confirmed with my ISP there’s no service issues. tonight for example, it is dropping for 1-2 minutes every 5-10 minutes. It’s dropped twice w...

Emmahhh by Community Member
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Connection failed

I’m setting up a google nest Wi-Fi router with an Arris surfboard SB2800. I have this set up at another place with a different cable company and set up went perfectly. This set up is not working. I get this when I’m trying to connect: DNS resolution ...

MomRN1105 by Community Member
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