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How to use Nest WiFi Router as a Point

Hi we setup one Nest WiFi Router to our modem with two additional points. I have two extra Nest WiFi routers not currently setup. Is it possible to use them as two additional points? whenever I try to set them up in Google Home, it tries to setup a w...

Beeshke by Community Member
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Nest Router Throttling WiFi Speeds

I've noticed that doing speed tests shows that my devices can't get speeds higher than ~90-100Mbps, despite having Gig speed internet with Spectrum. Occasionally my iPhone 11 Pro will get speeds of over 500Mbps, and once or twice it's gotten as high ...

Emilio by Community Member
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Resolved! Guest network: can't cast/stream to dots

It seems you cannot cast or stream to the WiFi dots/speakers from the Guest Network. I looked at the Guest Network sharing settings but I don't see the Nest dots listed.It works just fine from the main network. Is this a limitation or do I have to pu...

Erhard123 by Community Member
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User interface built to frustrate

Would anyone at Google care to comment on why the iOS device list was seemingly designed leave you feeling frustrated with each attempted use of it? On the device list, what is the default sort order? Why can’t you sort by anything other than usage? ...

Guest Access

How setup guest access to Google Nest?

Google echo

Trying to use echo router to an existing WiFi network. Won’t connect with the network over WiFi. Keeps looking for the Ethernet cable to the modem.

Verhala by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Google Nest WiFi fails when connecting to a Netgear switch

Hello, Google Nest Wi-Fi has been working fine, no issue. Had a power outage today and had to restart everything, can get google nest wifi to work, however when connecting a Ethernet cable from google nest router to a netgear switch the entire intern...

Bgrove by Community Member
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Google WIFI is assigning a device to the wrong network

I have an Amcrest ASH22 Camera that I had on my network at one point. I don't remember what happened but I ended up needing to do a factory reset and now I cannot get it on the right network. My current devices are all on and anytime I...

ccarmody5 by Community Member
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Connect LG SH6

I'm using nest wifi but can't connect to it with older devices. For example the LG SH6 soundbar.Help

Pi by Community Member
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