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App doesn't allow password reset

There is NO advice on this forum that works for all of us who just want to reset our passwords and NO customer service to call or chat. Incredibly frustrating customer DIService!

Dreams23 by Community Member
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Assigning static IP address to a new device doesn’t work.

I have got a new Mac mini that I want to assign the ip address of the old one to it. I deleted the reservation of the old Mac mini and created a new one. But the new Mac mini was never assigned with the ip. This issue applies to all devices. It seems...

Nest Wifi manufacture date

I just purchased a Nest Wifi Router and point from Amazon for $100. The next closest price was $149 (black friday) from nearly all other sources. It got me wondering if I actually ordered the right thing. So I got one from Best Buy as well for $149. ...

clipperqb by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi Connectivity Issue

I have the Google wifi which is 5ghbs only and I recently bought a Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner which only works with 2.4ghbs. How do I change the wifi settings to 2.4g hdb?Thanks

Eurochin by Community Member
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Setting up mesh wifi with a current modem router (Dlink DSL-4320L)

Hi,I have recently purchased a google nest Wi-Fi system from a friend and am looking to set it up.I currently have a D-Link DSL-4320 Modem router as my Wi-Fi router however would like to set it up so that the google mesh system is the main router and...

Nest Pro PPPoE on Gig Fiber (still) very slow

"940/940" Mbps FIber (CenturyLink).Using the ISP modem alone I get mid/high 800's UP/DOWN, and close to line speed.I'm using Google's built-in speed tester.Started with Nest Wifi directly to ISP with PPPoE. (ie. ISP modem not present) I have been con...

txco by Community Member
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14150.376.32 has destroyed my wifi network

This firmware update is awful, this seems to be a growing issue here and on Reddit. My wifi connection crashes every 5 minutes. Have tried everything, rebooting network, custom DNS, etc..., except factory reset network. Google Wifi support won't resp...

ClemmerC by Community Member
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