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Resolved! Connecting Google Wifi wirelessly to Bell Fibe Home Hub 4000

Hello,I've got a few dead zones in my home with 3 Google Wifi points:- 1 Google Wifi router connected to home hub 3000, other 2 Google wifi points throughout the house but lack connection on the far end.- I do not want to purchase another Google Wifi...

martinomac by Community Member
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How to name the 2.4 and 5 bands differently

Hi, recently had Google Fiber installed and the service came with the Google Wifi router and point. I have devices that can only connect to the 2.4 band; home security system, Wyze cameras, sprinkler controller, smart plugs, and smart bulbs. I cannot...

TurtleTG by Community Member
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Google Nest stopped pausing

My Google Nest wifi stopped pausing TCL Roku TV. I have done the following:1. Turned off and turned back on wifi.2. Restarted Network3. Complete factory reset of network.4. Uninstalled and reinstalled Google home on Pixel 4 phone.The pause feature al...

Sastorica by Community Member
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Resolved! Content not loading

I am growing very frustrated with content (e.g. images, video) not loading within apps (e.g. Twitter) and web pages when using my home wifi connection - Google Nest. As soon as I turn off wifi, apps and web pages load instantly. This seems to be more...

RDM_TO by Community Member
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Pod issues

I have had goggle pods for like 4yrs now, I have 300mbps spectrum but my wireless computer is only getting 1-1.75 mbps speed. Spectrum tech suggested checking to see if any firmware has been made available???? I didn’t know that was a thing, is it an...

DSKGftf by Community Member
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Resolved! Hardwiring multiple wifi point trouble.

I am having trouble connecting 4 Google wifi points together via lan connection. Wifi points will come up and work wired after a full power cycle of my network, but after an unspecified amount of time some wifi points will randomly disconnect. All of...

Can’t pause devices

I have always been able to pause individual devices on my wifi network using the Google Home app. The last few days, when I have tried, it is not pausing. The circle appears as though it’s completing the task but then the device does not pause. I did...

Google Wifi Upload Speed

I just switched from Cable internet 250mbps/down & 10mbps/up to Fiber internet 300mbps/down & 300mbps/up. Before the switch, when I did speed tests, I got around or above 10mbps upload speeds. Now that I'm on fiber, I'm still getting 10-15 upload, ev...

jedisobe by Community Member
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