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Nest Wifi

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Google wifi won't load images on Instagram and Twitter

If I change the wifi router it works well. Followed the thread: Also using google DNS and It's really anoying, considering giving...

No me puedo conectar a wifi

Hice un cambio de contraseña en mi red wifi, cuando sigo todos los pasos para volver a conectarme no me reconoce la contraseña

Network switch

Hi all.I have had my mesh network(4 points) up a running for a while now and it's been great.I have put my router in to modem mode and my first Google router is connected to my router. Via my Google router I have then connected to a 24 port unmanaged...

Louishm by Community Member
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How do a control/check which Nest Router a Nest WiFi Point is connected to

Hi, I have a house that fights my WiFi, so I have installed a Google Nest mesh with one router and three points. It seems to me, however that all the points are connecting to the router and not to each other so the point that is furthest away from th...

McHan by Community Member
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Resolved! Smart device sees individual APs

I have a google Nest mesh router with one master unit and three satellite speakers/APs. One of which is in my garage.Trying to set up a Honeywell smart thermostat for my garage heater. During setup, I have to connect the device to my wifi, and the se...

Roorider by Community Member
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Have Internet Modem & a separate Modem VPM

My 3 Google WIFI extenders are working. I am wanting to bypass the VPM modem to eliminate that system and connect the Google WIFi extenders directly to my Internet Modem. Will I have to reprogram the Google WIFI extenders or can I just plug them in d...

CaboJudy by Community Member
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Nest mesh wifi cable supported?

Does nest mesh system wifi router not support cat5e and cat6 cables? I've purchased several cords from best buy and Amazon and I cannot get the router to get WiFi with these cords. I have also used an older modem cable I had which does work fine. I a...

Home app cloud services

is it mandatory to turn on cloud services to use family wifi setupor even look at devicws connected

Andy88 by Community Member
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