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Resolved! iPhone connectivity

iPhones 12mini and 6s won't connect but MacBook and iPads will. Any suggestions for a solution please.

Joe8 by Community Member
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Iphones won't connect to devices while I'm away from home.

I am the main account tired to my Google home wifi. When I travel out of town for more than a few days, two iphones in the house can no longer connect to several apps while on wifi. My Samsung smart TV also has connectivity issues.

Nest Wifi Priority Device is killing the upload speed

Hi folks,Hoping the collective brains trust can help with a new problem I've seen appear in the last few weeks. I use a lot of Zoom for work and as a very connected household, I have always prioritised my laptop to ensure great picture quality. About...

WITH priority.jpg No priority.jpg

Nest Wifi Issues

Hello,Looking for some help with my nest wifi. Haven’t really had issues till recently with my laptop. My laptop keeps automatically connecting to my nest point upstairs. I normally use my laptop downstairs so I am constantly having connection issues...

Connecting Mesh Router Direct to NBN (FTTP)

I have NBN to the premises (as in I have the direct NBN box in my pantry). Can I connect this directly to the google router without having to pass through a modem ? I have heard this can be done - but it doesn't seem to work.

LukeM1 by Community Member
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Nest wifi

Setup the network with 2 routers one as the primary and the second one to tie in the network across the street using it as an AP. Including the router there are 8 devices. I set up the modem in bridge mode and let the router handle everything. Networ...

Bam3au by Community Member
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Wifi Point Wall Mount

Good evening all,Just wanted to post the wifi point wall mount that I made out of a plastic sanitizer wipe container. Needs a little spot clean - due to room remodel, but I think it looks just as good as the ones you can purchase at a fraction of the...

Wall Mount.PNG

Wifi for my own personal security

I’m looking for a portable Wifi source to use while working remotely in an RV to ensure I have a reliable source of internet service. I also run a few cloud cameras at home that I want to take off my home internet service so other people in my home c...

40% discount code not working

Was going to post this on Twitter, but thought I'd try here first. OnHub expiring. This week again got a 40% discount email from Google that doesn't work (for me). 3 chats / 5 months later, still unsure whether I made a mistake buying v1 of a Google ...

baskinn by Community Member
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Casting from Pixel 5 to Nest Hub Fails

I frequently cast podcasts from my Pixel 5 phone to my Nest Hub. Both are connected to my Nest WiFi which has a router and two points. Very often, when I attempt to cast from my phone to the Hub (which does appear in the list of devices for casting),...

BoulderJ by Community Member
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