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Replacement power cable for mesh wifi router

My dog ate through one of the power cables for the a google mech wifi router. I’m having trouble finding a replacement. Would I be able to use the 30W google usb-c adapter in the google store? Will any usb-c adapter work?

huntj85 by Community Member
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Googlw home wifi

I got a new Verizon router and I cannot connect my Google home to the new wifi. When I click on a product in my Google home I get no option to connect to wifi. This shouldn't be that hard. Please help

mitzynslg by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t connect to cloud nest router

After I scan the code I get an error message saying can’t connect to cloud and try again later

Matrix by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest wifi will not detect internet during setup

My wifi abruptly stopped working Wednesday afternoon. I got a tech to come in and check that ISP, and modem were working properly. Never thought it would be the google mesh - I factory reset it and that's when the problem started. I spent three hours...

CroMagnon by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Google Nest & Vodafone

Hi allI’ve em recently moved to Vodafone broadband to take advantage of their full fibre Gigabit broadband, however I want to be able to connect my Google Nest WIFI so I can get coverage around the whole property.I’m not quite sure how to set this up...

Mcallaby by Community Member
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Nest Wifi goes down every time I try to start a guest network

Everything on my Nest Wifi has been fine for at least a year, then this bug started this week. Once I turn on Guest Network, then I cannot connect to either wifi signals. You can see both wifi signals, but you can NOT connect to either one. Then once...

stanlam by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Network Speed Issues - Nest Wifi

Hi,For the last couple months I have been having speed problems with my Nest Wifi network (3 routers, 3 wifi points). I am on 1000/100 fibre connection which had been performing perfectly for months.The issues are very similar to what I found on this...

pk1209 by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to unpause devices

Since the last update of the Google home app, i’m unable to unpause devices in Nest WIFI. When I try to pause, it pauses the device but it Keep the label beside as pause instead of switching to unpause. Since this, I lost the connexion on my device w...

simonc by Community Member
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Google nest

I see on Amazon 3 nest products,1. Google nest wifi router 3 pack 4x4 ac2200 mesh wifi routers-$345.102. Google nest wifi ac 2200 router and add on access point mesh wifi system-$239.903. google nest wifi mesh router ac2200+ abd 2 nest dual band wifi...

Bshhepard by Community Member
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