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Resolved! How do I put Wired Network on same subnet as Google Nest WIFI

Hi. I have devices directly connected to my ISP's internet modem/router with ethernet cables. I also have a Google Nest Wifi connected to the ISP router which provides wifi to the house which other devices are connected to (see diagram below). Is the...

MKL by Community Member
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Google Nest; adding more?

We have a Google Nest "2-pack" system and want to add a 3rd point to extend our wireless coverage to include the garage (not attached to house)...what is the correct addition to purchase and what is the maximum distance from the others? (I can someti...

waltshan by Community Member
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low tech trying to learn

I put in a nest platform a couple years ago. The Model on the bottom of the units says AC 1304. One next to my router and one node top help wifi in the farthest bedroom.I added another point, due to the distance, model H2E. Still having some problems...

MChang by Community Member
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Terrible Nest Point Connection since firmware

Everything was great at beginning. Nothing changed except firmware months ago. System now needs constant attention daily. Points will alternate between no connection, poor connection, good connection and often great connection. Nothing in the home is...

Still no 2.4ghz option on the mesh?

I have a smart heater that will only connect to 2.4, it needs the phone to be in 2.4 to pair it with the mesh. I've tried going to the edge of my network, but whenever it only flashes 2.4 for a few seconds before swapping to the 5 GHz...

Google mesh

Hey!I recently received a Google Nest unit from my internet provider, but when I told them I'd need a Point router as well, they sent me another Nest.Can I use this second nest as a Point router, or do I have to get a different product?I don't want t...

Kulekiwi by Community Member
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WiFi mesh and existing router

Hi all , just set up the best wifi mesh. I have the router connected to my Vodafone broadband router. My question is the Vodafone wifi network still works. Is this correct or should I be switching off the voda wifi on the router somewhere?My Vodafone...

YNS by Community Member
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Google nest router wifi h2d speed drop

I have a h2d model router connected to the cable modem.The speed tested directly from the modem is 500 mbps. This is also the speed reported by the router in the google home up.The speed out from the modem using both the wifi and the wired connection...

tom6663 by Community Member
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