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Unstable connection on Zoom with Nest Wifi mesh

Just upgraded to a three-pack Next Wifi system for better coverage at home. Everything works fine (coverage is much better and I love the Google assistant feature!) except that Zoom calls became unstable. Audio is totally fine but my video image gets...

Resolved! Poor resolution on VC with Google Nest

Hi. Hoping someone has some advice please for a frustrating issue.I have a Nest Router and 2 points set up at home. There are about 30 devices (TV, lights, kettles, curtains, etc - lots of home automation) running off the wifi driven by google home/a...

2 routers for nest home connection

I currently have a google nest wifi system with my 4g router and I'm soon to get a starlink internet router also.My question is it possible to have 2 routers both providing connection to the internet (one dominate and other is backup). Is it as simpl...

Quinn by Community Member
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Nest WiFi internet speed slow when no priority device set

Is anyone else having this issue? I've been going round and round with Nest support and getting absolutely nowhere... Issue in a nutshell: The WAN internet speed is slow for all devices when no device is prioritized. The WAN speed goes up to full spe...

DanielS by Community Member
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Resolved! Replacement Nest Router/Point UK power adaptor

I have just purchased a Nest Router and 2 Points but on unpacking them I find they come with US power adapters where I need the UK version. Anyone know the specification for these jack plugs, the power rating and jack sizes so that I can buy replacem...

BraisbyI by Community Member
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Why 8snt my 3rd wifi point connecting?

Disclaimer: This thread was migrated from our previous version of the Google Nest Community. You can continue to receive updates on your thread issue here or simply ask, browse or more in the new Google Nest Community.Original Poster: Mel Bartz My ma...

rgaila by Community Specialist
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