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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Network devices capped at 100mbps??

Hi. We've used Google Wi-Fi (not Nest) for years. Until recently, our hardwired Gig Ethernet network has worked great. Our fiber Internet service offers 750mbps down / 200 up and we consistently see that or better at the router (Google Wi-Fi puck) vi...

Screenshot_20220518-101004.png Screenshot 2022-05-18 101624.png
cfOH by Community Member
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Resolved! Printer on network shows no IP address in devices (works fine though)

First of all, my printer works fine. This is more of a curiosity. I have the printer set to always request the same IP of I also have my Nest Wifi set to DHCP reservation for that mac address of the printer to assign

Robert-R by Community Member
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Resolved! Connect AP to AP

Hi community,I´ve recently moved to a new house and now I need to extend my wifi setup. I have one Nest wifi router and one nest AP. I borrowed a google wifi router from work to see if I can extend my signal (and the purpose I've taken a google wifi ...

cciitt1 by Community Member
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Speed drop on google fiber when hard wired

Hello,I'm running speeds of 896 Mbps on the main router. When I plug into a switch, the speed drops to well below 100Mbps. There are not many devices on the network, why the big drop?

btruk33 by Community Member
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More coverage

Can I attach a Wi-Fi extender to my Google Wi-Fi? I already have two Wi-Fi points on my system. Would it be better to just add more Wi-Fi points?

Google Mesh AC1200 speed

What speed and distance is the AC1200 mesh capable of? I have 1Gig coming into my home. Right next to the first point, same room, I'm getting 500Meg. (Nothing else on-line.) Next to the second point, second floor, I'm getting only 300Meg. And one roo...

KPranger by Community Member
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iCloud issues only on Google WiFi (narrowed it down)

iCloud will work intermittently and or not upload files or pictures just over my Google WiFi.I’ve been having this very odd and recent issue with where my iPhone or Mac won’t be able to upload photos or files to iCloud while on Google WiFi’s network…...


Printer won’t connect

I just got Google Fiber, but my printer won’t connect! I keep getting the same answer that it can’t be found.I can’t even enter it. It’s wireless HP ENVY 4510 series. I need help

Doralou by Community Member
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