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Buffering issues with good connection

We have a Google Home WiFi router with 3 points' It tests at 425 mbsp download speeds yet I have constant buffering issues with my Samsung smart tv. When I talked to tech support at Spectrum which is out internet provider, they said it was an issue w...

How do i know the NEST is working

I am a Infiniti cable internet subscriber and I’m using their gateway along with my new GOOGLE NEST pods (x4) that I purchased from Costco. My question is how do I know that the units are working as they are supposed to? PODS light up first with a so...

paclinent by Community Member
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Google Nest WiFI router with SKY FTTP

Hi Guys - I have recently switched to SKY FTTP... from BT. I have the ONT box installed in my house.Wondering what would be the way start by services with SKY. Do not want to change my nest router as you can imagine..Does anyone have experience conne...

Nest mesh wifi randomly losing internet connection for few minutes

Hello everyone,i have purchase and installed nest wifi (1 router and 4 wifi points) around my house on Dec 31st 2021.It has been working well for most of the time, but every once in a while, it loses connection for few minutes and regains the connect...

naimel by Community Member
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Can’t connect to google nest but wifi works

I have ATT as my wifi provider. I kept the wifi signal from ATT and also connected my H2D google nest wifi system to it. I have a total of 5 best devices connected as my home is long in length. For some reason my ring device and my Samsung tv can’t c...

Mesh point issues

I have a mesh WiFi setup. 1 of the points is giving me problems. Internet works fine but every couple of days I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to respond to voice commands such as turning off lights. Everything is set up correctly in...

SRoth78 by Community Member
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Connecting more than one hub

I have 4 floors in my house and my connection comes into the basement and I have my current router here. But I've also got a pipe up to the attic where I've got another room and I've connected another router there. So I have two signals. Not ideal. I...

Devices connected by ethernet switch to Google Wifi AC1200 not working

Apologies if this is already covered: searching keyword "ethernet" didn't turn up a similar issue. So here's my situation:Until about a month ago (?) the router + 2-mesh point setup below was working fine with all wired devices happily getting intern...

nrmaharaj by Community Member
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Google Nest

AT&T replaced their WiFi router box & now I can’t get it to work with my Google Nest router, unless I unplug Google Nest. Is there a way to link them so they can work together like before?

mg12 by Community Member
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