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Resolved! Can’t add older Google Wifi point to Nest Wifi network

I just set up a new Nest Wifi router with 1 Nest point. I tried adding my 3 Google Wifi points/nodes to my new mesh system via the Google Home app but haven’t been successful. I separately tried to add each 1st generation Google point. The Home app w...

ScottieW by Community Member
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Get blank screen when setting up Google nest wifi

I downloaded the Google home app to set up my Google nest wifi router. I am able to create a home, the router is picked up, but as soon as I click “next” after selecting the device to set up, all I see is a blank white screen. The spinning wheel only...

Asroman by Community Member
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Remove offline devices

How long does it take to add a simple feature to remove offline devices?This is ridiculous...

ronlh1 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Google Mesh Point Flashing Orange

Hello.I have a Google Mesh system with 3 nodes (Model# AC-1304).One is connected to the internet router, one is in the middle of the house, and one is blinking orange.The one that is connected to the router and the one in the middle of the house work...

RogaDanar by Community Member
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Slow Wireless Speeds

I've been having issues with speeds on a Nest Wifi network (four pods). The Xfinity modem/router is only being used as a modem, but the speeds when I revert to using the Xfinity router instead of Nest are FAR better than what I'm getting through the ...

DT by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Google wifi won't load images on Instagram and Twitter

If I change the wifi router it works well. Followed the thread: Also using google DNS and It's really anoying, considering giving...