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Resolved! Port Forwarding configuration

What I really want is an interface to do it from a computer. When I visit the {ip}.1 page the Google Wifi says "download the Google Wifi app"When you open the Google Wifi app it says "use the Google Home app"But in google Wifi I can see the ports I h...

dkman123 by Community Member
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Strange nest WiFi router issue with intermittent connectivity

In the past two weeks I have experienced painful issue of the intermittent WiFi connectivity at my home. The ISP sent technician to check and replace the cable from the box outside to the wall and the modem but it did not solve the problem. The techn...

Toddli by Community Member
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Nest wifi point not configuring

I've had the Nest WiFi (router and single point) since the beginning of 2020. Just upgraded home network speed from 40 to 100 Mbps which required a new modem. That install was done while I was at work. Got home and no internet connection. Gee, thanks...

kscottk by Community Member
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New ISP & new Nest System

I am switching to a new ISP. I purchased a new Nest Wifi System. My current Google Wifi Mesh system is 5 years old. In what order should I install the new system? I prefer to not have to change network names or passwords so all of the devices would n...

aWehrman by Community Member
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PIVPN with Verizon router + Google Mesh wifi

Hi,I have a question on port forwarding. I have configured Google wifi on Verizon FIOS router. I installed pivpn on raspberry pi connected to Google wifi. When I try to add rule in Google wifi, I see input ports and output ports option. Can some one ...

Is WPA2+PSK the same as WPA2+PSK (AES)

Nest will not connect with Now TV broadband. Now broadband uses WPA2 PSK (AES) google use WPA2+PSK is this why nest won’t connect to wi fi

No Internet = No LAN why?

Why is it that, if I lose Internet connectivity from my ISP, my LAN (Local Area Network) also goes down? I use Google Home App to manage my Google Nest router, but when I lose connect to the Internet I can’t even access my own router to troubleshoot....

RonD1 by Community Member
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Set up of Google 4K TV smart TV stick

Hello, I need to install a Google 4K TV stick on my Android TV. This TV has wired internet connection and WI FI is not available.Is there a way I can change the settings of the TV Stick to install it please?Thank you

Ma92 by Community Member
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nest Wi-Fi point only shows up as a cast device

I got a new nest Wi-Fi access point. I set it up normal with no errors but the mesh does not seem to be created? I don't even have an option to do a mesh test.When I look at the the Home app I can see the new access point down as a cast device only? ...

roymcd by Community Member
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