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Problems connecting 6 wifi points

I bought a second set of 3-points google wifi and it has been impossible to add them tomy current network/mesh. I have tried with and without direct ethernet cable and thereis no way to make it work. PLEASE HELP!!

Resolved! How do I replace my Nest router?

I have two google nest Wi-Fi routers, and I would like to replace the router that’s currently running my Wi-Fi network in the house. I’ve been having a small issue with it, and I want to see if the same google nest Wi-Fi router that I used at another...

DonAwalt by Community Member
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Have no internet at specific time period everyday

Hi guys,I have the question for the mesh network. Recently, I updated my home netwokr form the traditonal router to the mesh network. But after that, I dont have the internet or very slow internet around 5-8Pm everyday! first of all, I thought this i...

Nest Wifi Bluetooth connection to speaker issue

Myself and hundreds of others have reported an issue with Nest Wifi Point Bluetooth functionality with bluetooth speakers. When a bluetooth speaker is initial paired with a speaker it works fine, but after several hours or days, the connection seems ...

Guelphguy by Community Member
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Nintendo Switch unbearably slow on Google Nest WiFi

I bought my Google Nest WiFi mesh system about 6 months ago to help improve my WiFi signals in my house via the mesh tech. I love the product so far, but I have one glaring issue that's REALLY bothering me. My Nintendo Switch device has extremely poo...

JDFaulky by Community Member
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Using my old router

I want to create a hobby network where I can have more control over devices connected to is like I did with my old Router. Can you connect that router to the Google Mesh Wifi network in some way to do that.I just purchased 3 Google Nest AC2200 router...

kwlii by Community Member
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Resolved! Cant see computers in network that are on different Wifi Points

Hi, I have a Google Nest Wifi set up with two other points in the building. It works well, except we can't see the computers that are connected to points that we aren't connected to. For instance, in the Network page in Windows I can see the three co...

Hoser by Community Member
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Resolved! Not possible to add DHCP for Google Wifi Devices

I get that the primary router wants to sit out, but all the other google wifi devices take an IP address, but the IOS app doesn't allow you to reserve addresses for these.It's like the IOS GUI filters out the WiFi devices from the +DHCP ...

Unable to Finish Nest WIFI Setup

HiI had no issues using nest WIFI for quite sometime, recently i changed my ISP. After that on Google Home APP the router and wifi point were showing as offline even though internet and wifi was working. I did factory reset in the App and on the devi...