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Cant add a 3rd Wifi puck into my Google Mesh network

Ive been having major issues trying to extend my Google Wifi network to my garden annex via ethernet cable to a 3rd puck/point.My setup is an EE supplied 4GEE router into the primary Google wifi puck in my house. All is fine and I can add an addition...

Google Nest Router location

Hi everyone. Hoping for some advice in relation to location of router compared to the points. My current set up has my modem and nest router in garage. This is front right corner of my house. Points are then located in middle of house and two at rear...

LT1978 by Community Member
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Mesh test goes from great to weak and back throughout the day

Hi Community,We have a Google Mesh WiFi system (marshmallows) with one router and four points. Our house is about 1800 square feet, but very, very old. We started with one router and two points but had problems with weak signals. We now go from great...

kimday12 by Community Member
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Google nest

I’m having issues connecting to my Google nest. Every time I try to ask Google to do something Italians me to log into my Google app. I am logged into my Google app so I don’t know what to do can anybody help?

Markus by Community Member
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Google WiFi losing connection

At least twice a day my network goes down. I recently added another three pack and those seem to be the biggest issues. I also recently got Optimum Altice service so I’m not sure when the issue began. It’s very frustrating considering how much I have...

Joelc by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Nest WiFi connectivity issues

Around five weeks ago I started experiencing WiFi dropouts on my old Google WiFi system. Thinking my Google WiFi, first gen, was perhaps at the end of its lifespan I went and purchased a brand new Nest router and two points. Unfortunately my issues r...

AnbaOz by Community Member
  • 92 replies
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How to disconnect/kick a specific device from network / Home app

Hello CommunityI would like to hear out if someone knows how to "kick/disconnect" a specific device from the wifi network?I know the option of pause but what if i want to kick someone off the network completely? Isn't there any "disconnect device fro...

farazijaz by Community Member
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Google Pods disconnect constantly

I have wifi through xfinity and I am using 4 Google pods to boost it and push it through the house. About 5 or 6 times a day I get a notification saying that one of my pods has disconnected and there is no wifi in the house at the time. Before I conn...

jrkirkham by Community Member
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Resolved! Port range forwarding not working Part 2

Hi Jeff,I do appreciate the fact that someone is reading these posts. In the prior post, I pointed out that port range forwarding is not working.This is backed up by a Reddit thread:

camfool by Community Member
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Resolved! Any benefit to adding a Nest Wifi router to existing Google Wifi setup?

Hi there, I currently have 4 Google Wifi (1st gen I guess?) units, in which two of the remotes are on wired backhaul, and one is mesh. My house is about 2600sf but I'm picky about good wifi, and we have a lot of devices. My home internet connection i...

acruise by Community Member
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