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I constantly have to restart my network

My nest network constantly slows down to the point where I need to restart my network. Every time I restart the router, my networks speed comes back. I basically need to restart the nest router 2/3 times a week.

ericdyke by Community Member
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Can't configure Google Nest Access point after moving house

Hi, I recently moved within Switzerland (from German to French part of the country). I have bought in 2020 a Google Nest Router + Access Point from a Swiss shop (

attaatta by Community Member
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Pausing devices

I have paused several of our child's devices. On their phone it states there is no internet connection. However, when I click on the Facebook app it still launches and shows most of the content. What gives?

ChuckC59 by Community Member
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I have comcast 1 gb service measured at 1250mb or so at the routerI set up nest with 3 pucks last night and while the link speed shows 866mb speed tests only confirm 140mb or so very slow even next to an access point spent hours cNt get the speed hel...

Unable to find WiFi frequency on Google Next

Trying to setup a WiFi globe to use, which is using 2.4Ghz frequency. But I'm unable to locate anywhere to find what the frequency is used or setup on my Google Next router.

CBree by Community Member
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Resolved! Best Wi-Fi point setup

The Google Home app QR reader says “this is not the code you’re looking for” when pointed at the QR code sticker. Switching to the manual setup doesn’t work either because the 8 digit code on the bottom of the device is too short. The app requires 9 ...

jpsc by Community Member
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How to unlock 1000/1000 with your Google Wifi mesh system

Hello, I have 1GB speeds through my ISP (Frontier). I currently run the Google wifi mesh system (only 2 points). I am unable to get the desired speed (still sitting <500mbps). I have done a factory reset and that did not help. Any advice? I have also...

Resolved! Connecting Google Mesh to Centurylink Fiber

Hello,I have a Centurylink modem/router combo, the C4000XG. I want to expand the reach throughout the home so I purchased a Google Wifi bundle. In my set up, I placed the Centurylink modem into transparent bridge mode with vlan tagging 201. My phone ...

RickyP024 by Community Member
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Trouble connecting a Hunter Irrigation Wand module to the Nest network

I am trying to install a Hunter Irrigation Wand module on my Hunter Controller, but it won't connect. I know the Wand is only 2.4 Ghz compatible. Is that the problem? My modem broadcasts both 2.4 and 5.0 and according to Spectrum there is no way to l...

ragsgolf by Community Member
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Nest Router “offline” but WiFi working

   My Nest Router has been showing offline for multiple weeks, meanwhile the network itself is working as it has. I’ve completely reset my network to factory standards. And set it up again. I’ve followed all suggested options I’ve been able to find o...

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Nater50 by Community Member
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