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Resolved! Google Wifi to Ethernet

I just migrated from OnHub to Nest wifi as per Google insistence. My house is long and while my fiber internet (and Nest WiFi router) is at one side, my office is on opposite. I had two OnHub points added to the mesh and the last one provided etherne...

Boril by Community Member
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Packet loss / Slow Speed

Hi there - thought maybe somebody on here might know something...So I have my Nest Wifi connected via Ethernet to the glass fibre modem. It should get 300 Mbit but only does 178Mbit unless I prioritize a device (no matter which one) then clients get ...

Morimando by Community Member
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Bug in new firmware?

Hello,I think I found a peculiar bug… google home mini devices are unrecognized as local connections by my iPhone, that is, until I restart my google wifi router… after a restart, some time will pass and the issue will happen again, once again only f...

BRadLey1 by Community Member
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Wifi question

Hi - I’m sorry that this is a basic question. I’m interested in getting Google wifi as I understand that you can put in parental controls where by my kids are blocked from using the wifi at certain points in the day. I have just commenced a wifi serv...

Akb1978 by Community Member
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Resolved! Problem connecting to cloud

Help pls. Just bought Google Nest WiFi Router and point. Downloaded Google home app to my Iphone. Now I'm trying to set up the router but continue to receive the following error "Problem connecting to cloud". I´v disconnected both Power- and Ethernet...

Skuli by Community Member
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How to hide network on Google Nest Wifi router

I just installed the Google Nest Wifi Mesh router with 2 extender points. I haven't been able to find an option to make my network "hidden". Is there a way to do this? I've always done it on all my other routers, I just can't find how to do it on thi...

Brad4est by Community Member
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What to do with old onhub?

Will Google just open onhub to web interface?I have been using onhub as mesh network for a while. I have upgraded my internet now. However, it seems like a lot of e-waste since I have five (5) onhub that will no longer be working. I mean these are pe...

Cheezer by Community Member
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