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Google Wifi - No cellular network where I live -

I can not setup a new Home location at my house. I set the address in the settings but devices connected to my network say they are 50 miles away. when I tried to start a new network the app demands cellular signal and then locks up altogether becaus...

Remy2099 by Community Member
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5th Nest Camera RUINS connection! Please help!

Ok bit of a head a scratcher here so I appreciate any help. I'm trying to get a total of 7 cameras all powered continuously, 2 Indoor Nest Gen2 and 5 Outdoor Battery Cams New Gen2 as well, all with offical Google power cords. I had originally the Goo...

Resolved! Slow upload speeds (Nest Wifi)

Hi Guys, I have been having issues with the upload speed of my Nest wifi. I am getting 40-50mbs down and between 0 and 5mbs up from any device (wired or via Wifi). The upload speed from the router and the modem is 50mbs up and 20mbs down consistently...

Joran by Community Member
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Replacing the router on my google wifi setup

I purchased a 3 unit Generation 1 Google Wifi in March of 2018. Recently, I have been getting intermittent interruptions in my TV streaming and computer internet connection. After talking with my cable company and doing some testing, I am convinced t...

myidaho by Community Member
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Google wifi 1mbps modem 50mbps why?

Came home from travelling and discovered very slow internet speed. After rebooting everything, calling the provider to diagnose, everything we could try. Finally plugged in the laptop and got 50+ mbps...on the wifi ..less than 1. Are these things toa...

Stndglas by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest Wifi router replacement link

i received an email abut an issue with my router and was to fill out a form to have it replaced. the link to the form doesn't work.. any suggestions?

What's the minimum bandwidth required for Google Nest Wifi?

I was trying to set up my mom's new Google Nest Wifi router to replace her old OnHub, but I was unable to complete setup after several attempts. I suspect Nest Wifi is looking for more bandwidth than she presently has (10Mbps down/1Mbps up) and is re...

nrmaharaj by Community Member
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IPv6 stop working

Hi I'm running PPPoE on Nest router, and suddenly in the last few days, IPv6 stops working, I got confirmation from the ISP that they indeed sending IPv6 prefixes to me, but somehow it's not working on my Nest Anybody having the same issue? Thanks

gorip96 by Community Member
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Resolved! My Google wifi router keeps dropping connection

I have had the Google Wifi product for many years. The router that is connected to my modem suddenly started losing connectivity in an intermittent manner. I thought the router was broken so I went and bought another but even that is now dropping the...

biju1216 by Community Member
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