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Resolved! Nest Doorbell not ringing on Nest wi-fi speaker

My Nest Doorbell (battery) is connected to my Nest wi-fi and should announce and sound the doorbell ring tone on the nest point speaker when someone rings the doorbell. It used to do that but has stopped. The light flashes on the point speaker but no...

Gdad by Community Member
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Reserving IP addresses for FUTURE WiFi Pro devices-

I have devices that do not have dhcp mode and require having addresses set internally before connection to the LAN. Google home presumes that the device is ALREADY active on the LAN before creation of a reserved static address for that device. If I u...

OtisBme by Community Member
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Help with GOOGLE MESH Performance (almost have given up)

I landed here after a home visit from Verizon Fios. They showed up ... plugged and checked out the fiber and verified that everything was fine. I started just have very bad performance in a close range of each of my mesh pucks. Even after resets the ...

Dathinc by Community Member
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Adding Wifi hot spot to current network

I have been trying to add two additional WiFi hotspots to my current network with no luck, can’t get the two new hot spots through set up mode and I get to the point where I get a failed message saying “can’t find location” Any suggestions on what to...

TP Link modem not connecting to Google Router/Mesh Points

Im needing some help.I had purchased the Google mesh system - (Router and 2 additional points) late last year. Connected them easily via Google home app. Everything has been working great.Needed to reset the modem. When I tried to re connect it to th...

Bec33 by Community Member
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After factory reset, WAN port refuses to connect

Last night, all my wifi points including my main one disconnected, and their WiFi names returned to what they were before setup. The main WiFi point still had a white light but was refusing to connect. I factory reset all points but when I try to add...

Dylanc by Community Member
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Wifi pro AP isolation with nest audio and pixel 6

Hello I am having an issue with adding my new nest audio, to my google homeMy set up is, a pixel 6, a nest wifi pro and a nest audio, so yes I like google productsI got a nest audio, activated it via the device utility app, then started to add it my ...

1000000420.png 1000000422.png

Two Nest Routers in network

I want to hardwire a second nest router upstairs to help boost my wifi signal upstairs. Can someone tell me which port the ethernet cable coming from the primary router (the one connected to the modem) should plug into (on the second router upstairs)...

j_habb by Community Member
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