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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Google Nest Wifi Not Connect

Dear Edward, I don’t know why i cant reply the previous thread anymore (attached pic) I ‘m sure i dont set any schedule turn on/off for the wifi network or set family or guest network as well. All setting is default. Today the Nest Point suddenly can...

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Resolved! Nest wifi showing as “loading” in Google home app

Hi all, Hope that someone can explain and suggest a fix, I have been using Nest Wifi (2 points)for over a year at home, however recently the Google Home app is always showing it as “loading” on the app display. Can anyone suggest why this is an if I ...


Nest wifi crawling to a stop every night

I wish i had seen the reviews before i spend $500 on 5 of these useless paperweights that Sundar Pichai calls Nest wifi router and points.What in the world ?Nothing works.... So much for google being an engineering giant. These things are useless. I ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! the Google Mesh Router IP

I want to use as the router IP but when I go to save the settings, thay are not accepeted. Is the google mesh router capable of working with different IP ranges?

seans by Community Member
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Google Wifi not connecting to only one device

Hi - I daisy chained two Google wifi routers. One in the living room connects to the modem and the 2nd in the basement on the other end of the home below my office and 50 ft apart. I am facing a weird issue - my laptop connects to the internet wifi e...

ashdag by Community Member
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Google Home Wifi Fails When Ethernet LAN Connected

Hi All,Have Google Home with router and three assistant/wifi pods for couple of years and most of it works well. I have one issue that can not seem to resolve. When I connect the Google Home Router's Ethernet LAN port, after some amount of time (coul...

jimforord by Community Member
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New nest WiFi set up

I done the reset modem at least 5 times. I still cannot get Nest to connect.

acrx by Community Member
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Google Wi-Fi stopped working (once again)

My setup:3 Google Nest Routers (one as a primary, two just to extend connectivity)5 Google Nest Points(+Chromecasts, speakers, lots of other stuff...) My setup has been working more or less steadily for several months, yet yesterday "everything broke...

Perkele by Community Member
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