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Running Wi-Fi Pro on a bridged port on ISP router

I am running a home lab, I require a specific port open or forwarding. The way I got it to work previously, was by enabling port forwarding on the ISP router to ------> AP (WiFiPro) ------------> VM - However, this setup created double nat latency wi...

ravengus by Community Member
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Lol I'm returning this garbage

Had these less than a week and I unplug it once from power and now I can't even factory resetting it won't work. This is laughable. Looks like a known issue to from searches.

weqrtqwe by Community Member
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Wifi router warranty claim status

Hi, I filed several claims for the wifi mesh routers due to connectivity issues and didn't receive any confirmation - email or call. I wonder where I can find the status for my claims.

jc11ca by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Pro Router showing offline, WiFi working and Points online

Have a straight modem (no router) plugged into my Nest WiFi Pro router (from Costco 4 pack). Everything related to the internet connectivity and points is fine. However, I am unable to change any settings for my network or run any tests from the Goog...

Wifi signal drops (almost the same time everyday)

Hi everyone, this is really strange… my wifi drops almost the same time every single day. Right between 11:30-12:30. Everything is running great, my mesh is great, my Internet speed and connectivity is great until about this same time frame. My signa...

Rick949 by Community Member
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Is there a way to at least play music without Wi-Fi?

I’ve recently lost my Wi-Fi but I wanted to still listen to music but I could because it had to be connected to the internet to play or even connect for that matter. I feel there should at least be an actual Bluetooth setting allowing that. If there ...

Soule by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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help with wife

All but the wife device that is connected to the cable modem are blinking orange. When I run the mesh test, it indicates that everything is fine (good connectivity)??? When I'm close to the fist point, everything is fine. But as soon as I'm further a...

helmerga by Community Member
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