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Nanoleaf Troubleshooting for Nest Wifi Pro users

Hey Nest Community, Some of you have encountered an issue between Nest Wifi Pro version 3.73.406133 and older versions of Nanoleaf Essentials products (below version 3.6). There is an incompatibility which causes Nanoleaf Essentials devices to become...

Resolved! Which ethernet por should I use in this case?

Hey guys, howz it going?Here is my setup:2 ISPs -> Mikrotik RB750gr3 -> Switch -> PC / TV / Google Wifi (GJ2CQ)I've instaled a Google Wifi unit at my backyard but the wifi signal from the other 2 mesh units that is inside the house is weak in this ar...

Can't change WAN settings on Nest Router

I changed ISP and need to change WAN settings from DHCP to PPPoE. This is impossible!.I followed the steps and disconnected the main Nest Router from ethernet, disabled mobile data and connected to its wifi with my phone. Google home app failed loadi...

Outdoor non-wired extender compatible with Google Nest Wi-Fi Router H2D

I'm interested in finding a non-wired extender to boost my Wi-Fi across a fairly large outdoor area. I have limited ability to wire this directly so I'm hoping to find a solution that can behave similarly to one of the nodes. If the only solution is ...

rpopp by Community Member
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Google Nest Pro 6 disconnects

Ever since I switched to Google fiber with Google Nest Pro 6, it keeps disconnecting multiple times in a day for a few seconds and then it reconnects. All my devices are affected by it. Could someone please help me understand what I should do to fix ...

ashlin by Community Member
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Device isolation on mesh

I have a product called a wiim amp on my mesh. When I try to use with the proprietary app, I'm informed the device is on a different network. I've been advised to try and change settings regarding device isolation and make sure they are turned off. I...

Boulin99 by Community Member
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Resolved! Would this daisy chain system work?

I have most of this in place already. I'm just wondering if the Nest wifi side of things will function in this example as I currently have abysmal wifi coverage in my small 2 bed house using the ZTE router and would love to have WIFI outside too: ZTE...

MedialA by Community Member
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Turn on periodic speed tests

I am no longer seeing a list of speed tests. I am not getting the speeds I am paying for and I need a list of tests to prove my issue to my ISP. It used to test at least every other day. Now I just see 1 "previous speed test" listed. How do I turn on...

SpitfireTN by Community Member
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Need more granular control of network

Good afternoon,I have google nest wifi for a few years now and it has worked well. My home-lab has matured over the years to now having a local server managing a NAS, home assistant and other services for the whole house and family.The kids are getti...

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