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Resolved! Using a google wifi router as access point

Hi, I have a google wifi router and a google wifi access point. The access point cannot be ethernet-wired to the router and due to the distance, the mesh connection quality comes up as "good" or "ok", never "excellent". I'm thinking of replacing the ...

TFS by Community Member
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IOS update make Google Nest Wifi System Useless

I got the Google Nest Wifi Router with 3 wifi points so I can monitor/control internet usage of my kids. Due to the recent IOS update, there is an option to click “private address” and this will create a new wifi-address and give internet access to t...

ter222 by Community Member
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Google mesh won’t reset

Hello fellow usersI have this generation 1 Google Wi-Fi which I cannot factory reset -after holding the reset button for 10 seconds it’s flashes blue but after the blue flashes it goes back to flashing orange—which means that the Wi-Fi point doesn’t ...

Moerakker by Community Member
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Feature Request - IP Address and Connection Type in Device List

It would be really fantastic if the "Devices" page of the Google Home app Wifi page could show the IP address and connection type of each device. I don't want to click through a bunch of ambiguously named 'devices' individually in order to see the IP...

getamap by Community Member
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Resolved! Speed Test and Point Setup Failing

My issue is the same as the one found here: TLDR: My google home app fails any speed test. However I am getting an SSID and 3rd...

Rkm13 by Community Member
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using google nest with Fios

Can you use google Nest along with Verizon fios Wifi to expand your wifi effectiveness. And if so, how do yu to dhtis?

hbr123 by Community Member
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Nest wifi point poor connection and disconnected

My nest wifi router is located in my family room which is about 30 and 10 feet from each of those points.But the connection is not stable and got disconnected all the time. I have a total 3 of the points. How to fix this?

Zhmezi by Community Member
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Discontinuation of OnHub Router

I don't understand why/how the OnHub discontinuation affects me. I have set up a mesh network. The wifi comes in and connects to the on-hub router. From there I have Google AC1200 mesh routers scattered around the house. My devices connect to both th...

THEJimS by Community Member
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