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Resolved! Adding second Wifi Access Point to Google Mesh Wifi

HiI have Google Wifi set up in mesh mode with 4 nodes. It works great! I would like to set up a SECOND wifi access point, however, for my children's homework. I want to integrate this second wifi access point with OpenDNS to restrict what sites they ...

agresens by Community Member
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Loosing connection

Hi I am having trouble keeping connected to the camera … this is going on now for two weeks … I have had the camera for two years.. no glitches then all of a sudden the connection keeps getting lost and no WiFi … this is a camera in my mom’s assisted...

Garth2699 by Community Member
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Failure to add new points - incompatible

i have bought 3 new 2020 google wifi points (they have no physical reset button), i want to add them to the existing network of google wifi 2016. I was able to add only one device/point to the network after so many trials and issues. At the end i did...

Matar1 by Community Member
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Adding any mesh to Google Wifi is killing the network

So this is pretty frustrating.I bought a Google wifi 3 pack roughly 2 weeks ago, set it up and it worked great out of the box. I have one puck at the modem, one on the opposite side of the house (roughly 75 feet) and one upstairs in the office (Rough...

Jfritton74 by Community Member
  • 40 replies
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nest wifi cant communicate with a google home device

I have nest wifi with the 2 add on points running for a while now with a hub, 4 mini's and a google home. the google home has recently been dropping wi-fi daily, need to unplug it and restart to re-establish. so I decided to factory reset the google ...

jasonk72 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest Point doesn't setup

I am trying to setup my last (5th) Nest Mesh Wifi Point, but the Google Home App won't detect it when the Point is in setup mode. Usually when the Point starts up, a "Setup Point" button will show up just under the "HOME" title on the app. This last ...

Home App does not see my mesh devices - cloud service error

Looking for some help - I've recently moved and am reestablishing my Gen 1 Google Wifi pucks in a new house. Last week I plugged them in and everything worked very well. The old Google Wifi App saw the devices, the Home App saw the devices and I was ...

jscusc by Community Member
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Resolved! wifi in same room as device but doesn’t know it

I have a wifi point in my bedroom and a connected smart light switch (leviton) in the same room. Everything works as expected when using a smartphone to control my devices but when i say “hey google, turn on the light” the wifi point replies “turning...

bleen by Community Member
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Remove Old Devices from Google Home/Wifi List?

Is there still no way to remove old devices from the Google Home WiFi list? My WiFi device list is cluttered with dormant and unwanted devices. I understood that they go away on their own after some time, but that doesn't seem to be happening.Can any...

BoulderJ by Community Member
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