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Wifi troubles

My Wifi is inconsistent when I connect through the Google Nest. When connect directly to the modem or my main Google pod the speed and consistency is very good. Once I start using the nest, as I move around my home , the speed, strength and consisten...

Reset to Original Device Name

Is it possible to reset a device back to its original name? I changed it, but would like to see what it was previously, and it's not showing up in the Device Info now.

Michael37 by Community Member
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WIFI signal strength problems

I am running Google Wifi - AC1200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi with four pucks. I have been running the same setup for a couple of years now. Recently the mesh connection is showing as weak when I test it (and connectivity/internet speed on devices is bad) where...

SMM50 by Community Member
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Google Nest wi fi channels

Hi. I have Sonos speakers at home, connected to my Google Nest mesh wifi network. One of the speakers has started dropping out, with the audio coming and going. Sonos have asked if I can allocate that speaker to a different channel on the network - e...

stevia13 by Community Member
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Google wifi cannot setup

I've been trying to get my google wifi looked at by an engineer for weeks and weeks and weeks. Every time I start a conversation with google they just stop responding. Last week an engineer finally told me to "Factory reset" the device since then I'v...

Notgrey by Community Member
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Google Nest won’t connect to wifi

I brought my Google home mini from my last house to my college apartment (not a dorm). There are two wi-fi’s here a public one and one that is password protected. i have attempted to connect with both of them but was not successful. The networks name...

Google wifi won't connect

Hi I'm sure this issue must have been covered before but I can't find it, so apologies if this duplicates queries and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.I just bought the Google wifi three point pack (wifi not nest) and all the set up...

CarolineOM by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t add older Google Wifi point to Nest Wifi network

I just set up a new Nest Wifi router with 1 Nest point. I tried adding my 3 Google Wifi points/nodes to my new mesh system via the Google Home app but haven’t been successful. I separately tried to add each 1st generation Google point. The Home app w...

ScottieW by Community Member
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