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Wifi point constantly loses connection

We bought a router and 1 point system at the beginning of the pandemic. It worked fine for about a year. Now for months I've been having a dropped network issue every few days. It was enough to make me switch ISPs, but the issue still persists. This ...

Elvtiv by Community Member
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Google assistant on nest wifi won’t play Spotify through Sonos soundbar

Hi all,I currently have the google nest wifi and my sonos beam soundbar in the living room. Since both have google assistant features I have decided to mute the microphone of my soundbar and use the voice command through the nest wifi instead.However...

GPR16 by Community Member
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Remove on hub network

When I try to set up nest Wi-Fi it I get a message reading nest Wi-Fi is incompatible with on hub network. I can’t find a way to remove the on hub network. Looks like I’ll need to remove the home and create a new one, unless I’m missing something. An...

Jbeck by Community Member
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How to increase wifi speed with ATT/Sonic Fiber Backend

6 Google Nest Wifi Pucks, All Wired Via Ethernet (replaced previous Google Wifi pucks to solve problem, no change)Speed test from Google Home puck hardwired to modem, 800down, 800upSpeed test from modem itself, sameSpeed test from multiple locations ...

Resolved! Google Nest Two Routers problem

My original setup is a google nest mesh setup with one router and 2 points at my house. Everything has been going very well.The mesh network does not extend far enough to cover my pool with a strong enough signal so I laid a cable to the pool area an...

Home App crashing with google wifi

Hi. Picked up 3 google wifis today and they will not connect up! I have tried everything at this stage and when it gets to connecting it on the Home App the App crashes back to the start. How do I fix this?

living room tv

because we change a wifi 

u4p6 by Community Member
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