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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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How do I delete devices from google wifi Revival

This is not going to be a long post, it’s been discussed before and honestly the answers are pretty sad. When I first got the Google Mesh system for my home it was pretty awesome, setup was easy. This was years ago, the “Google Wi-Fi “ app was soon r...

Home App Speed Test vs 3rd party App

I have Spectrum 1GIG service. Recently moved from their router to Google Wi-Fi. Running Mesh test in Home app and Speed Test everything is great. Speed from home app is 867-899 down and 36-42 up. Now if I use Speed Test Up, it’s 340-420 down and 15-2...

Bigdawg23 by Community Member
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Is the Point connected ???

I am trying to determine remotely (with Google Home) if the Nest Point "Attic" is connected to the Nest WiFi "Basement".Both Nest units are connected to individual home furnace controllers (BayWeb) via Ethernet and the "Attic" BayWeb controller is no...


Nest router needs to be powered off weekly on Spectrum Internet

My Google router reports that it loses connectivity to the Spectrum internet almost weekly. The only way to recover is power cycle the Google router. A software reboot of the Google network does not fix it. A power off and on of the Spectrum modem do...

CAPritzl by Community Member
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Nest WIFI upload speeds periodically slow down until restart

My internet package includes an upload speed of 100 Mbps and these speeds are achieved.The issue is that periodically the upload speed will reduce from 100 Mbps to a fixed 22.4 Mbps. The speed will go back to 100 Mbps after restarting the network. Th...


Google Nest Pro vs Previous Versions

I have gained no advantages by upgarding from Google Nest WiFi to Google Nest Pro WiFi. In fact, my download speed has dropped from 820 MBPS to 620 MBPS. I have just changed my xfinity Gateway modem (thinking that might have been the problem), and th...

Does Google WIFI support WON?

I need to wake up my PC. Looks like google Wifi is not working properly. Is there a way to get magic pockets through google wifi?

Rogitong by Community Member
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2 Nest Wi Fi Pros can’t print

I have 2 Nest Wi Fi Pros, one connected to my PC, the other acting as a network extender upstairs. All my iOS devices upstairs cannot see any printers yet the PC has no problem. I suspect it’s because the wi fi pro downstairs connected to the PC is t...

NiteEye by Community Member
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Google Wifi Internet Speeds Slow Until I Run a Speed Test

Hi,I have Google Wifi Gen 1 and pretty much every day the internet speeds drop to 1 mbps download and return to normal speeds once I run a speed test in the Google Home app. Sometimes this happens multiple times a day, and running a speed test always...

radiorpl by Community Member
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Devices kicked off wi-fi and Connection Failed

Bought a Google Nest Wifi Pro with a total of 3 wifi points. The mesh always reports "excellent." All wired connections are stable. Multiple phones (Android and iOS) and laptops in the home get kicked off wifi and cannot immediately reconnect. Receiv...

Kkmka by Community Member
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