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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Mesh Network Slower than ATT Router

I set up a nest network with the primary node on my main floor hard wired to the ATT router. I have two nodes connected to the home node, one upstairs and one in my basement. All have strong signals and when I run a speed test on the google home app ...

AndyA1648 by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi speeds slow over the course of the day

Already summited feedback and logs for this. Seems this is a common issue but thought to through my lot in with the others. Internet speed slows down within 24 hours for endpoints connected through Nest Wifi. Internet speeds restore the exact moment ...

leechr by Community Member
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Wifi connectivity with a new router

My wi-fi speed was slow when direct wired to my computer and when connected through no my Google Nest. Working with my provider we agreed I needed a new modem, Picked up a new one today and it works fine when direct wired to my computer. But when I r...

TOaks by Community Member
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Changing WiFi

I set up my Nest outside of my home on another Wi Fi network and I am unable to change the WiFi to my home. I do not have the Nest Connect showing under my settings. Is there another way to fix this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions provided.

Resolved! Google wifi - slow(ish)

Hi,We have a 600 MGB ISP connection. When I connect direct to ISP wall box by ethernet I get close to this speed. I have four google home wifi's all connected by cat 6. When connected to the lan ports of any google wifi device I get close to 600 MGB....

LogieA by Community Member
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Resolved! google nest community team

the google nest community team sends me an email asking if I am satisfied with the responses I have received and did it fix my problem. There is no way to respond.What is that about?

jakedog by Community Member
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ClearNode AllStar Node Amateur Radio

I have Comcast internet with a NetGear CM 1200 cable modem. This connects into Google Mesh wifi router. I am trying to connect a ClearNode AllStar node which needs ports 5198 and 5199 forwarded in both directions. I have forwarded external ports 5198...

PEZoba by Community Member
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can't access

Hi. None of the computers/devices on my home wifi can access All the browsers (tried multiple bowser / OS combinations) report messages similar to "server not responding". Disabling wifi on my phone and just using ...

mozzer502 by Community Member
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Google Nest Router as Point

I have a Google Nest ( 1 router + 2 points) now I will extend this with a new point, but I have a Google Nest Router as spare, can I use this router as a point instead af bying a new point ?

knudl by Community Member
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Home App shows no internet but Im still connected

Hi anyone able to shed some light?I'm connected to the Internet thru WiFi. However my Google home app shows red on Internet and I can't control my nest wifi router and perform speed and mesh test. It also shows all my nest point and Google routers of...

Patchbear by Community Member
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