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Google Router problem connecting

After setting up a google router 2nd generation, I get a message that says "problem connecting" can anyone help?

Mercedesn by Community Member
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nest wifi point set up

Trying to set up nest wifi point after changing network. deleted device and trying to set up but no barcode on divice. also no numbers on bottom. Please help

bigwilk52 by Community Member
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Monthly data tracking on Google mesh

Is it possible to reset the start of monthly recording of data usage for internet connected devices to coincide with the billing date of my internet provider. This would allow me to accurately track usage.

cardineau by Community Member
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Cannot setup google wifi

When trying to setup the Google WiFi during the creating Wi-Fi page it stops and an error message that reads ‘Request failed. Please try again later’ appears, I tried setting up another Google WiFi device and using another phone to set it up but got ...

Can I connect 2 separate ISP to same mesh network

Hi,So inside my house I have 2 Internet Service Providers.The reason I have this, is that incase Company "A" Internet Service Provider internet supply does down, I have the other Company "B" Internet Service Provider as other source of internet - is ...

razanensey by Community Member
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Clicking Sound

I recently moved my Google Wi-Fi point from one room to another and now I’m getting a clicking sound that is intermittent but persistent. The puck is now in the master bedroom and the noise is bad enough that I had to unplug this access point. I trie...

Brucrew by Community Member
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Google Wifi not meshing with 5G modem

Hi,I’ve recently installed a Nokia 5G Gateway modem, and have attempted to set up my Google wifi mesh. The Google wifi mesh was previously working with a broadband fibre to the premises setup. The first Google Wifi point successfully connects to the ...

Cant Pause/Unpause Wifi, using Google Home

I have a Google Wifi setup, linked to my Google Home account. The wifi works fine, but when I try to pause/un-pause a device, to restrict it's Wifi access, I get this error:"Failed to update blocking policy of Family Wi-fi group. Please try again lat...

DDV by Community Member
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Google nest

Only one connected, how can I get the others to connect? Or just heat a refund.

Terrij247 by Community Member
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