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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Nest throttling devises?

I know this has been spoken about lots. I can confirm that my nest mesh wifi device works a treat yet it is clearly throttling my devices to avoid a maximum of 50mbs. The moment I “prioritise “ a device it starts connection at about 400mbs (a wired d...

Nest Wifi Router “Problem Connecting”

Just received a new Nest Wifi Router and have no issue finding the device in the Home app but upon inputting the wifi name and password, giving Google and Nest permissions, and selecting the room it’s located in, the setup jumps to a “checking for up...

Stubsup2 by Community Member
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Adding 2nd & 3rd Google WiFi pucks

This is the setup I'm trying to get to work. 2gig Google fiber modem-->8port switch. 1 port goes to the living room to a 5 port switch which has a tv, PS4 and the 1st Google wifi puck(which is working right now). 2nd port off the 8 port switch is ran...

Resolved! Google Wifi goes to 0 mbps weekly

I have the original Nest Wifi plus the gen 2 Google Wifi (one point and one router). I've opened at least 3 cases with Google and once they've looked into it, I never get a response (via email or chat). The issue is that after a week or so, when I ha...

Is the Google Nest Wifi compatible with 5G modem?

Hi all,I was thinking about changing to a Telstra 5G network as my current NBN50 experiences a lot of drop outs throughout random times of the day. Would anyone know if the Google Nest Wifi is compatible with the Telstra 5G modem?I am currently using...

Unused devices

So I’ve checked multiple places for an answer with no success, but does anyone know how to delete unused devices from the list of devices connected to my network. I read the previous “fix” that they disappeared after 30 days, but that is definitely n...

Swede0311 by Community Member
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Strange Bouncing Latency

We have Google Nest in our house and most nights the internet works fine, but some nights my computer has massive latency issues. It's begins bouncing between 10ms - 50ms every few seconds to both discord and my vm on I can notice droppi...

danit89 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Load Balance Two Internet Connections with Google Wifi

I'm adding redundancy to my home network with a wireless carrier and wondering if I can connect two modems and load balance two different internet connections (coax and 5G wireless) on a Google Wifi router?(I currently have an OnHub router and a Goog...

perryn by Community Member
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New nest router won’t connect

Picked up a Google nest system. So stoked, but when I attempted to install, I cannot get past the initial router steps. Make it all the way to checking internet connectivity, but keep erroring out at that stage. Everything has been unplugged, reset, ...

LynMarie by Community Member
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IOS connection

Hey. Just wanted to see if there are any known connectivity issues with iOS devices. I have installed a nest wifi router and point to remedy a dead spot in the house I was having with my asus ac3200. The wifi works great for everything except a pair ...

Brydenj by Community Member
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