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How to hide network on Google Nest Wifi router

I just installed the Google Nest Wifi Mesh router with 2 extender points. I haven't been able to find an option to make my network "hidden". Is there a way to do this? I've always done it on all my other routers, I just can't find how to do it on thi...

Brad4est by Community Member
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What to do with old onhub?

Will Google just open onhub to web interface?I have been using onhub as mesh network for a while. I have upgraded my internet now. However, it seems like a lot of e-waste since I have five (5) onhub that will no longer be working. I mean these are pe...

Cheezer by Community Member
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Google WiFi Mesh ethernet monitoring

Hi there,I've not yet bought the three pack but I'm trying to build a system that monitors usage and bandwidth on both ethernet connected and wifi connected devices. I know the home app monitors the latter but can't see if it'll also track ethernet c...

heppy2010 by Community Member
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Google Fiber Availability

Does anyone know when Google Fiber will be available in San Antonio, Tx?

dmac29101 by Community Member
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Assistant Speech Output - Nest Points Responding to Commands

We recently installed a Nest Wifi network and smart wifi plugs. I have seen a few articles on how to stop the Nest points from responding to commands (i.e. turn off light) with a confirmation of action taken.I see on the Home app that I can adjust th...

CaliKathyT by Community Member
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Don’t know default setup password for google nest hub

Hi could someone help please. What is the default password to access the setup wifi for the nest hub. It’s not documented anywhere. I can’t find an option to set it up in google home or to change it. This is my first device set up so there is no pre-...

Kristenp by Community Member
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