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Port Forwarding not working

I'm planning to set up a WebDAV server at home so that I can access files from the Internet.I'm currently stuck at port forwarding. Here's what I did:Purchase a static IP service from my ISP [successful]Verify with my ISP they are not blocking any po...

jiaher by Community Member
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Nest WiFi will not allow new connections

Hi, new user here.I've had a Nest WiFi setup for the last year or so which has been more or less working flawlessly. Randomly 2 nights ago, multiple devices started disconnecting from the network and were unable to reconnect. My network topology is: ...

Problems with Google WiFi Pro being slow

I recently upgraded my old Google Wifi to the Wifi Pro in anticipation of getting connected on fiber and a much faster internet connection. Today my fiber was installed, and let's just say I am very much less than satisfied with the speeds through th...

J_West by Community Member
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Creating Mesh - Something went wrong

Hi!Just bought Nest Wifi (1 router + 1 point) and were able to setup router. Now still after several factory resets of the point I still can't connect it to a mesh (the point shows in Google Home app, but without any connections).I've tried to force ...

97777ali by Community Member
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Wi FI nest poor connection

Hi, I have google nest router in my living room and 1 point upstairs in my bedroom. All was working good but sundently the wifi signal just went down, i did check my main router all was ok, i did have a supplier technician from Virgin media to check ...

vhuk87 by Community Member
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Disable 5ghz band for device setup

People keep submitting this request. When they give up in frustration, Google loses the thread. Many devices require that your phone be connected to 2.4 ghz network when setting them up. Once they are setup, there is no problem running them on the co...

Djweisman by Community Member
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Google Nest Pro and Xbox Issues, Party Chat

Hi allI experienced random drop outs on my previously really stable Google Nest 3 pack set up so I opted for the Nest Pro 3 pack.Set up is via a Virgin Media Superhub in Modem mode and never had any issues with it prior.New set up was easy, kept the ...

Dcnavas by Community Member
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MAC address filtering

Android phones allows you can choose “dynamic MAC address” when connecting to a new wifi network.. this means children can delete their existing Wi-Fi network from their phone and rejoin as a new Wi-Fi connection. Resulting in bypass all children res...

10lan by Community Member
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