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wifi add-on point

This topic is already being discussed in a larger thread. To keep the discussion together, this thread is being merged into that main topic.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Google Nest WiFi Router dropping Sonos and Kasa Devices

I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon where all of a sudden I can't "see" the Sonos speakers as well as the Kasa smart plugs that are on my home WiFi network. The strange thing is that I can use the internet with no issues when this happens (browsing...

Google wifi losing connection intermittently

There are a lot of folks having the same connectivity issues. There are also various threads on reddit on this - e.g.

hpmhugo by Community Member
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Resolved! Creating wired connection between Google WiFi points

Hi all, I have the original Google WiFi mesh system with 3 points. It works reasonably well, but I've never been able to get 'Great' connection between the 3 points. It's pretty much said 'Weak' connection between the 3 points since I first set it up...

Mars1 by Community Member
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Problems connecting 6 wifi points

I bought a second set of 3-points google wifi and it has been impossible to add them tomy current network/mesh. I have tried with and without direct ethernet cable and thereis no way to make it work. PLEASE HELP!!

Resolved! How do I replace my Nest router?

I have two google nest Wi-Fi routers, and I would like to replace the router that’s currently running my Wi-Fi network in the house. I’ve been having a small issue with it, and I want to see if the same google nest Wi-Fi router that I used at another...

DonAwalt by Community Member
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Have no internet at specific time period everyday

Hi guys,I have the question for the mesh network. Recently, I updated my home netwokr form the traditonal router to the mesh network. But after that, I dont have the internet or very slow internet around 5-8Pm everyday! first of all, I thought this i...

Nest Wifi Bluetooth connection to speaker issue

Myself and hundreds of others have reported an issue with Nest Wifi Point Bluetooth functionality with bluetooth speakers. When a bluetooth speaker is initial paired with a speaker it works fine, but after several hours or days, the connection seems ...

Guelphguy by Community Member
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