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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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Chromebook now unable to connect to Nest Wifi

Has anyone experienced new connectivity issues from Chromebooks to Nest Wi-Fi? My Chromebook is no longer able to access internet via Nest Wi-Fi. This is a recent problem and seems like it could potentially be related to a recent update (just specula...

rsknowles by Community Member
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Google Nest and Air Print

I have connected my nest as per the instructions and when it is connected my air print does not work. When I turn off the nest the air print works. I have other google devices connected such as hubs and mini but they do not affect air print. Can some...

Resolved! “Connection Failed” - adding wifi points

I had a Google Wi-Fi with some points and just purchased a Nest Wi-Fi router. I had no issues setting up the router and wifi works fine. I however am unable to add any of my Google Wi-Fi points to create a mesh with the Nest router. I did a factory r...

akasjl by Community Member
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Phone dropped off Internet unable to logon using password

Connected to internet via Gen 1 mesh wifi, later my phone was disconnected. Mesh Primary station was pulsing blue. Only way to reconnect was to use code that is at the bottom of the primary station. What happened?

rjlow by Community Member
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Three Months Later .... and Still No Reply!

Once upon a time there was Customer Service ... three months ago I tried to find out how to file a waranty claim for a Google Nest Wifi that was defective within the first year. After going round and round on the Google website, I posted a plea for h...

AZGal by Community Member
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what do I do to add a used google mesh puck to my network?

So a friend went another direction with his home WiFi and gifted my several used Google Mesh pucks. I’d like to add on to my home network, but cannot seem to get one to join. Do I need to do something with the new puck to get it to sync? Do I have to...


Cómo hago para conectar a wifi

Samuel2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi IP addresses

How do I find the IP address and devices assigned by my Google Wifi? 

bnollar by Community Member
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Adding a wireless Bridge to Nest mesh

Hi,Ive just installed a Nest mesh using a router and a point.As I need 4 ethernet ports on my TV side for TV and sound bar and... (which need cable connectivity for better connection and also old wifi modules); I plan to add a 3rd party wifi bridge w...

Alexio by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi Point does not complete power up

My google nest Wi-Fi point does not appear to complete the power up cycle. This is the third on my network and the other two are fine. this one stays on with two white lights lit on top. Usually they turn off at the end of the power cycle but not for...

Ijaslab by Community Member
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