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Removing WiFi point from mesh network

I have a WiFi point that died due to a power surge. I can't seem to get it removed from my network (can't factory reset, because it's dead).Got a new point and added it to the mesh network which seemed to go ok. Got the solid white light and all seem...

One wired point is not seen by end devices

In my network I have a main router to which are connected two wireless points and a wired connection to a switch with two wired routers connected to the switch. In the Home app all the points seem connected with Great Connection. But end devices, suc...

Gooyster by Community Member
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Nest wifi points... junk?

So I have read A TON of posts about the same issue I am having with these wifi points dropping offline for random/ no reason at all. With countless hours spent troubleshooting and doing all of these extra ridiculous things to keep these little points...

Jessylynne by Community Member
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Google/Nest Wifi: Home App

Google,Please add the ability for wifi users in the home app to edit devices on the network that are no longer used. I have seen here that they are supposed to fall off on their own after 30 days. However, a lot of us would like the manual option to ...

Joey9 by Community Member
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Lost WiFi access on Most All devices almost two weeks ago

Two weeks ago I brought an outside camera in to charge. I have 3 Wi-Fi boosters, 3 of the CO2 / Smoke detectors, doorbell camera, two other outdoor cameras and the hub screen and an additional inside camera, as well as the thermostat. All of it went ...

Nest Wifi Pro Limited Wired Speed

Hello, I'm having issue with my desktop PC pulling advertised download speeds through a wired access point with a Nest WiFi Pro 2pk. I have the main unit connected to my cable modem providing WiFi to the house, and the 2nd unit one room over that has...

JPickles by Community Member
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Significant loss of download speed between points

Hello,In a nutshell, I am experiencing exact same issue described on the following post, and unfortunately post is closed as "Answered" but that's misleading as the issue is not resolved.

cstriker by Community Member
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