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Connect 2 google nest routers wirelessly

Hi there I have a house over 4 floors with concrete walls and floors. i have an existing google nest router set up with. 2 wifi points. I’d now like to extend the wifi coverage to the garage and top floor.I bought another set (google nest router + 2 ...

Bbwacker by Community Member
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Router with Three 4G+ Hub

I have "Three" as an Internet Service Provider. I am using their mobile 4G+ Hub (i.e. connects to the Internet with cellular). It works fine, but the WiFi range is very limited in the house so wanted to add the Google Nest WiFi. However I don't see t...

apelled by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi using ethernet creating new network names

I have 5 google wifi points distributed through my home. The worst performing was always in my loft, the furthest from the master node. I recently tried attaching that node to an ethernet cable run through an ethernet powerline set of plugs. This has...

G_Man by Community Member
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Easy Mesh Compliant

Hi thereDoes the Google Nest hardware support the Easy Mesh standard or is this a Google proprietary ?

dan78h by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Wifi Router stopped responding to "Hey Google"

My Google Nest Wifi Router stopped responding with the Google Assistant. I checked all that I can find on the Google Home app. Oddly enough, my additional Nest Point still responds to "Hey Google". The router itself does not have the mic switch on it...

lastketch by Community Member
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Resolved! Faster WiFi needed on 2nd floor

What product(s) can give me faster WiFi on the 2nd floor if my router (and internet connection point) is located on the 1st floor? Would a nest router and a couple of points do the job? I will not be able to connect the points with an Ethernet cable.

Wifi when I need it

I travel a few times per year to Costa Rica. I own a Townhouse there and don't want to pay an internet provider a monthly fee when I am not there. Will the Nest Wifi replace an internet provider? And will it handle smart tv's and pc's? For watching N...

Trying to setup an Guest network

Im trying to setup an Guest network. When doing so I enable the Guest network. After this is done it asks for a name and password. Once doing this I click on save and it never saves this network? I think I have enabled it 5 times now and save the cre...

jpedersm by Community Member
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