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Google Next Home Lost all ability to look at Google Wifi.

Seems the Google Home app did an update and I cannot see any Wifi info or lists, my rooms are all empty. Can not add wifi or even see them when I try to add them. I did not see Add Wifi in + so not sure what to do. Just go through Looking for Devices...

bjoneselim by Community Member
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Nest wifi mesh system hacked

HiMy Nest Wifi mesh system was probably hacked. The wifi router and 2 wifi points had been working fine for over 8 months. Recently I noticed a couple of 'Unknown device' messages on my network - they were always offline so I couldn't find out anythi...

lkz3096 by Community Member
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Google wifi

I have just migrated my old (probably 1st gen) google mesh WiFi from the google WiFi app to the google home app and now all my wireless is sporadically dropping out. I have factory rest the 3 points and re set up the system. I have rebooted several t...

google nest

how do I change a speaker from network to a room (error made during set up)?

Hikvision NVR (CCTV) not showing in connected devices

Hi,I've just set up a mesh, consisting of three Nest WiFi routers (not points!), and three Gen 1 Google WiFi units. I've connected my CCTV system via ethernet cable to one of the Google WiFi units, but it isn't showing up as a connected device (under...

Relocate Nest Router

I have a Nest Router in a room with a brick wall blocking transmission. I want to relocate the router to a connection on the other side of that wall. There is a CAT 6 connection to the modem at the new location.Can I simply move the router to the new...

wrkeen by Community Member
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Devices Dont Cast on Google WiFi

I bought a Gen 2 Google WiFi mesh set to replace my basic Plusnet broadband router wifi. I have visited each of my dozen Wifi-enabled devices and converted them to the Google WiFi network. The phones, Chromecast, tabs etc all work well. The Google Ne...

Davy123 by Community Member
  • 22 replies
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Network set up

Hi, I'm about to set up my home network and wondered if the nest mesh system would work. I have a three (used to be relish) broadband router ( ZTE WF820+) which is connected to a ariel on roof - connected via the WAN Poe port on the back of router. I...

Jmz by Community Member
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Temporary disable 5ghz for new device set up

Hey Google guys.Just an idea. A lot of devices can only connect to 2.4 GHz band. Would it be possible to add an option to temporarily disable the 5ghz band for like 15 minutes. It would save people a lot of time and make setting up new devices so muc...

Larrynx by Community Member
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