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Weak Connection

I have a split level home of roughly 2700sf. My nearest neighbor is about 1/2 mile away. No new services/devices have been added to my house although 1 wall was removed to create a more open concept. My services come into the basement (power, cable, ...

brownel02 by Community Member
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No WiFi can I use nest

I don’t have WiFi set up in my new house yet. Only have internet on my phone. Can I use nest ( ie install it on my app) without WiFi?

Sri by Community Member
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I there a way to go back to the old google WiFi app?

Can we go back to using the Google WiFi app instead of the new Google Home app?The new app is pretty useless, with the old version you could see what is connected and what was using all your bandwidth…The new app is keen to tell me about my wifi ligh...

Unable to manage Google Wifi network on iPhone

I have a three unit Google Wifi net connected to my Internet router. I had no problem managing it under the GOOGLE WIFI app, but am unable to locate the devices in the GOOGLE HOME app (the search for devices function doesn't find anything) in order t...

cfbastian by Community Member
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HELP! Need contact info for Google Nest warranty claim

This is insane! There is no way to start a warranty claim with Google. The address on the Warranty disclosure gets you NOWHERE. They must assume that you will give up eventually, jump off the nearest bridge or drink yourself into oblivion in frustrat...

AZGal by Community Member
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Mac address google

Hello, I need the mac address for my google nest mini and I cannot find it anywhere

Emiliana by Community Member
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wifi add-on point

This topic is already being discussed in a larger thread. To keep the discussion together, this thread is being merged into that main topic.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Google Nest WiFi Router dropping Sonos and Kasa Devices

I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon where all of a sudden I can't "see" the Sonos speakers as well as the Kasa smart plugs that are on my home WiFi network. The strange thing is that I can use the internet with no issues when this happens (browsing...

Google wifi losing connection intermittently

There are a lot of folks having the same connectivity issues. There are also various threads on reddit on this - e.g.

hpmhugo by Community Member
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