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How to check if two nest wifi are connected through wired ethernet

I have two Nest Wifi Routers. I have connected them using wired Ethernet as follows.(✓) Modem → Google Nest Wifi router or primary Wifi point → Switch → Google Nest Wifi router or Google Wifi point This is a supported configuration per this document ...

GreatPJ by Community Member
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Nest Wifi speed

As we have an active discussion on this issue, we encourage everyone to continue the topic in that main thread.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Help please Google WiFi will not connect to other points

I had to factory reset. Y google WiFi , the main one is connected but I can’t add additional WiFi points , it runs through the set up , I scan the bar code it then has me pick a location , then crashes saying “cannot connect to the cloud “ I have 2 o...

Nest WiFi Throttling ISP Speed

I have sent several messages regarding this issue via the Google Home app and have yet to get a reply, so thought I'd give this forum a try.I live in a remote area where internet options are limited, so have a 30 mbps plan with our ISP. The Speedtest...

kmb55 by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi: How to delete previously connected devices?

I have a long list of devices previously connected devices on my Google Nest Wifi router-app. I don't see any option to delete these devices? Do I miss something? These devices are in a grey box and are marked as "inactive". Many devices are just "un...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Block user or device?

Best way to block a user or device?Keep it simple!

electroman by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! How to access wired printer on existing LAN

I was previously able to print from my mobile to a wired printer on my home network. Since turning off the WiFi on my modem and connecting a Google nest system I can no longer do so. The HP print service can no longer find the printer on the network ...

Krax by Community Member
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I don't have a cell phone.

I had to purchase a new router and now my Google Nest doesn't work. How do I update it to the new router password (assuming that is the problem). I do not have a cell phone. The system I have was installed by someone else that had a cell phone.

BillR by Community Member
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Assistant goes off on all devices

I just got the nest Wi-Fi dual pack and have an Android phone at home. Google assistant is set up. My issue is when we say the Google Keyword not only does the nest Wi-Fi assistant go off but my phone as well I checked all the different forums and he...

fidorulz by Community Member
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YouTube and Play issues on Google Wi-Fi

I have Google Wi-Fi gen 1. YouTube buffers a long time before playing. YouTube TV buffers a long time, then will play a few seconds, then buffer again. Google Play will not download any app updates. Similar issues occur on Chromebook, Pixel 3, and Mo...

Rossmarp by Community Member
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