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Mesh points going offline

Mesh points keep going offline. I never had this issue before , main router and points are in the same place as before.

Rgomezz21 by Community Member
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Several Questions

First - how do I clear "old" devices that had been connected to my Nest Wifi setup without having to do a factory reset?? I have a few devices now that were connected, got abruptly rebooted, and now *refuse* to connect to my wifi. One of them is an E...

Which satellite is my device connected to?

I have the Nest Google Nest Wifi router, and 3 satellites. Is there a way that at any given time I can see which of the 4 devices my iPad, say, is connected to? I suspect the devices are not always so good at switching the iPad to say the router, as ...

DonAwalt by Community Member
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Hello, I just purchase google nest wifi and I don’t have an extra port to connect to on my modem. Any suggestions?

Yuda by Community Member
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Nest wifi

Nest wifi point manufactured for a different country. Can this be fixed?

Chrisb by Community Member
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Network cannot be found on any device

I have been having issues with my Nest WiFi so decided to go back to the start. Uninstall everything and try again. This hasn't been my wisest move. When I connect the Nest Router it flashes white and goes through most of the set up steps until the t...

How to check if two nest wifi are connected through wired ethernet

I have two Nest Wifi Routers. I have connected them using wired Ethernet as follows.(✓) Modem → Google Nest Wifi router or primary Wifi point → Switch → Google Nest Wifi router or Google Wifi point This is a supported configuration per this document ...

GreatPJ by Community Member
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Nest Wifi speed

As we have an active discussion on this issue, we encourage everyone to continue the topic in that main thread.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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