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Nest vs Google Mesh Systems

The Nest WiFi System's coverage and performance is far superior to the Google WiFi System, but both systems would benefit significantly with the addition of a 3rd Band.With greater bandwidth demand and limited affordable ISP options - simplifying con...

TommyWojo by Community Member
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Port Forwarding Issues

Hello,I just set up the Nest Wifi Router (connected directly to my modem) and everything set up properly. I replaced a PFSense firewall that had a lot of NAT/port forwarding rules set up. I cannot get the Nest Wifi Router to let me set these up. When...

Nest wifi 2.4ghz band

I have a pool automated device that can only connect to 2.4ghz band. As I am using the nest wifi it causes all kind of issue with the device since both 5 and 2.4 bands are constantly present. Is there a way to create a 2.4 ghz band only using some co...

Nestwifi by Community Member
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900mb at google router only getting 120mb connection

Hi have google wifi 1 router 2 access points . I get 900mb connection when I run a speed test in home app. But any device connected won't get more than 120 download this is across android windows chrome books etc. Devices are connected to 5ghz and li...

Keego1ie by Community Member
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setting up the wifi to the point by google

when I scanned the Qr code my network did not come up but a different one ..when I canceled it it would not give me options to pick from so I just went ahead and joined on that network. I do have it hooked to my modem/router..and used my iphone to se...

srhaddox by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest wifi

Hi there, the Google wifi app( before it got discontinued) had an option to check the theoretical link speeds between the pods. Is the Google home app support this same feature? Google wifi the setting was available after running an mesh test-> tab o...

Avflip by Community Member
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Google WiFilashing white light

I am trying to set up the 2nd generation Google router and it does not recognize connection to router. I have tried several cords with no luck. Can anyone provide some input?

Daniel2 by Community Member
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How do I force google WiFi to use 2.4ghz to connect smart devices

I picked up some new smart sockets and can’t connect them to the network. A little tease arch has revealed this to be a common problem, and most solutions involve walking away from the 5.0 range of your network so that the only thing that can connect...

Expanding Google nest Wi-Fi with another “Nest Wi-Fi Router”

Hey,We have a single point Google Nest Wi-Fi network now. I wanted to expand it with another point, but accidentally ordered another Google Nest Wi-Fi Router rather than a standalone point. Will that still work? Thought I’d ask before I return it and...

BrettN by Community Member
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