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Resolved! Google nest wifi failing after 2 years

I've had a nest wifi and two points for just under 2 years. I added a third point 8 months ago. It worked flawlessly up until 3 weeks ago when the network failed whilst I was away. Came home rebooted the router and it came up but showed points offlin...

How to extend google wifi ac-1304?

HiI have one mesh ac-1304, which I want to extend to a 3 unit wifi.So what items are suggested for this?esp. Can I use google nest for the extra satellite and router?I guess I need a modem as well?

plaurits by Community Member
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Can’t add member to Google Home

I see that Many people have the problem of adding family members to a Google Home account, with a support response that you can’t if you (as the administrator) used a G-Suite email account to create the Google Home. Aside from how Ridiculous that is ...

ggandolf by Community Member
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DHCP IP reservation for the points themselves

Hello there. im trying to set the IPs of my extra access points to be static, because I’ve some dns rules for internet filtering.I can reserve IPs for connected devices using the Google home app, but the access points themselves do not appear in that...

Tiago by Community Member
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Google WiFi hub flashing blue

Hi,I have recently purchased 3 Google WiFi points, not Nest, to create a mesh network across the house so we get strong WiFi everywhere however I am having a problem with one of the points.It's stuck flashing blue. Not pulsing like the others when it...

Mjds by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest wifi connection problem

Just got New nest wifi with two extenders. when trying to connect the wifi it keeps saying “ Ethernet cable not connected to wan but it actually is” if it ain’t eventually gets past this it seems to think there is not a internet connection to the rou...

Nest Wifi with Duo bug

I just experienced a very creepy and disturbing bug. I heard the Duo ringtone through the Nest point (which was odd in the first place) but did not answer it. The real disturbing part was the the call somehow connected and was broadcasting the caller...

tfletch76 by Community Member
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