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Resolved! Cannot connect to Synology NAS using Google Wifi

I was using a Synology NAS with my old Linksys router. I replaced the Linksys router with Google Wifi today, and it went flawlessly, except I cannot connect to the NAS. I have the NAS wired directly to the ethernet port on the Google Wifi mesh router...

vivlund by Community Member
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Ethernet configuration?

In my Google Nest Router, when I plug a device into the LAN port, I get no connection to the device. Tried connecting a PS4 and a Dell Laptop. In both cases no Ethernet connection was seen. Is there a setup configuration that needs to take place in t...

wolraht by Community Member
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Wifi slows down every night

We're seeing an uptick on this topic and we're merging the threads into one thread so we can better track those who are affected.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Unplugging and returning the Google Wifi today...

I tried to make this thing work to no avail.If your ONLY needs are very simple Wifi--with no "connected devices", and no "hardwired devices", but a simple Wifi system for a house, you are probably OK.But, my small "home office" was too much for the G...

mdsalemi by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Router Setup - Google Home Screen goes Blank

When attempting to set up my Google Nest Wifi Router, the device will show up in available devices, when I select it the screen goes blank. No next steps or options available. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, the router always gets picked ...

DC_Nest by Community Member
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Accessing Raw Logs from Nest WiFi Router

Is there an API or other way to access the raw logs from the Nest WiFi router? I'm running a lab on devices in my home, and would like to analyze the network traffic.

Anesu by Community Member
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Wifi power adapter cord too short

The Google Wifi power adapter cord is 5 ft long. We need a cord that is at least 6 ft long. Any suggestions?

TechGal by Community Member
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