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Google wifi vlan tagging

Hi, I am having frequent dropout on my Google wifi setup. I was told this was double NAT. So I bought a modem to replace the modem/router provided by my ISP. I was then told it was vlan tagging and I needed a switch. So bought one of those. Now I am ...

Nest Reconnection

I changed providers and now can’t get my Next to reconnect. Help!

Marcman by Community Member
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Wired / Wireless Upload speeds capped at 100mbps? ATT Fiber

I have gigabit internet through att fiber and just bought a google nest wifi 2 pack a week ago. Setup was a breeze and everything looked good until I noticed my upload speeds were capped at 100mbps on every device behind the nest. Google advised a re...

sliderkb2 by Community Member
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Point signal strength

I set up this network 6 months ago in a 2100 sq ft house using one router (at the back of the house) and one point at the front of the house. Since day one, when testing the mesh network, it has always shown a great connection. Despite never having m...

MK by Community Member
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Google Home

Hoping I can get some help. I recently purchased a second home, and I set up the new wifi using the same network name. Thought that would make life easy for us. At the time Google Wifi was still in use. While staying at the new location, Google Wifi ...

ChrisN by Community Member
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Connection failed when trying to setup google wifi + google pods

Google Wifi Mesh worked like a charm until it was migrated to Google Home. After doing a factory reset of all pods to resolve issues, I cannot reconnect any pods anymore. I added the pods by clicking on set up device in Google Home app > new device >...

bartv01 by Community Member
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Comcast IPv6

I have an Arris Surfboard SB8200 which if it has a device connected directly is able to obtain an IPv6 address from Comcast without an issue. Once I connect the Google Wifi and enable IPv6 I am able to receive a host IPv6 route but not an IPv6 gatewa...

mobilepunk by Community Member
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