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Adding devices to mesh

I have had to rebuild my Google mesh wifi. I have set up my primary point, every time I try and add another point it keeps failing and seemingly trying to connect to a network with the reference of the points setup network. This doesn’t work but sure...

JohnDG by Community Member
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Adding second Nest Router fails

Hello all,I have read all the threads, and am still at a loss.I have a nest router and point working perfectly for 18 months. Now I want to add another router as an access point ( wired or wireless, I don't mind. I have done the factory reset (severa...

MFCDubai by Community Member
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Daisy Chain Connect of 3 Google Wi-Fi Routers

I have three google Wi-Fi routers which are hard wire connected (Cat6 cables) rather than simply creating a Wi-Fi mesh as they are just too far apart. When doing a test, it says the two furthest Wi-Fi points (all the same google routers) have a weak ...

Diagram - Google Wifi Routers Daisy Chained Together.jpg
KCmikee by Community Member
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Nest Router LAN only running at 10mbps

Ive noticed my nest LAN connections have slowed right down in the past week.Im on a 1000Mbps connection and the speed test in the Home APP returns 600Mbps downloadMy LAN devices however are only getting 10Mbps downloadI have rebooted the Router and d...

Google nest wifi

Hi still having problems with connection. About to take the Google nest back for a refund. It wont connect to my wifi. I have tried using my phone or my computer. I have tried turning everything off and on and unplugging as suggested. Sometimes on my...

Robyn22 by Community Member
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Remove offline devices

Hey, I want to delete offline devices from the list of devices that have been connected to my network.I read this old closed post

GJ2CQ Will not complete reset.

Unit fell off network, though looked normal with solid blue. Powered down, powered up with reset button pressed, released button after 10 seconds and blue flash. Never went to blue pulse and not visible to others, or "Home" app. Have seen threads in ...

Arpie by Community Member
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