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Wifi power adapter cord too short

The Google Wifi power adapter cord is 5 ft long. We need a cord that is at least 6 ft long. Any suggestions?

TechGal by Community Member
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How to restore Google WiFi Configuration

Ok, I was forced to hardware reset my routers (because Google Home app is severely broken) and now I ended up with having to create a new home and new setup. The old Home is stl there with wifi configuration,how do I restore it? Google help tells me ...

mlasevich by Community Member
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Resolved! Google wifi smart home devices

I am trying to connect smart outlet plugs and smart bulbs and I can’t get my phone off of 5ghz to do this. I am sitting way out behind my house and still can’t connect them when it switches to 2.4 and an extension cord run out to there for the device...

Hardwired Google Wifi puck connects, can't add the other 2 pucks

We recently moved, and I'm attempting to setup my google mesh to expand internet signal throughout the house. Have an ATT Gateway. I have puck #1 hardwired and set up directly to the Gateway/modem - all good there; and I can 'find' puck #2 two rooms ...

Hemmy12 by Community Member
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Google Home

I am 74 and would like to talk with someone. I have had "2 Wifi points offline" for some time and I have no idea how to get them back online. I need some help.....please

maderholt by Community Member
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Resolved! Is there anyway to change MTU size?

Hi.Is there anyway to change the MTU-size on the LAN side? I cant find any. This is a very common setup parameter and I would be able to change it. It usualy default is set to 1500, but I need to increase it. Thanx

Seeya1973 by Community Member
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