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Google wifi pro

I have had an experience of regional compatibility of nest wifi. Im wording wither this issue is now fixed or not. I have purchased a new wifi router but it was not functioning due to me being in Qatar. My question is, if will consider buying the new...

Maitham by Community Member
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Can I use Google WiFi point as access point to a WiFi ISP

I will be going on a cruise soon, and want to determine if I can take one of my Google WiFi points with me to connect to the ship's WiFi, to allow multiple phones to connect at the same time. The ship only offers a basic WiFi that allows one device t...

Google Mesh & ATT Fiber

Have 4 google WiFi AC1200 2x2 pucks connected to ATT fiber BGW320-500 Fiber modem with on board access point. Configuration is combination of LAN & WAN to provide coverage over 3600 sq ft & three floors of house. Have BGW configured to same SSID/PWD ...

Khyer by Community Member
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Nest wifi and Vodafone

I'm trying to replace my Vodafone router with a single nest wifi router.Vodafone have provided the username and password, which I'm using in the manual setup, but the setup keeps failing.Anyone got this same issue?

Jimboa by Community Member
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Can not add additional Nest Wifi Router to my MEsh network

I have tried to add my second NEst Wifi Router to my Mesh network for 3 days now, I have tried all the solutions stated here in the forum. Those are 1. Reinstallilng the Home App2. Resessting the network including restarting it3. Tried 3 different de...

Rejje by Community Member
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Resolved! Módulos router

Compré dos módulos router por error, cuando me llegaron abrí solo uno y lo configure y todo funciona perfecto .... Pero no sé si puedo usar el otro módulo router como un punto de acceso ... Alguien podría ayudarme? Porque aún no he destapado el que t...

Forcing a device to connect to base router and not a node

My Quest2 hates a mesh network. Is there a way I can force it to use the signal from the base router and ignore the (closer) node?I have makeshift solutions:- I can use it closer to the main router (in another room), or- unplug the nodebut I would ra...

robeywan by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi speed issues

I've seen versions of this issue before, but I've yet to see a definitive solution. Wired speeds to desktop computers/devices are generally pretty fast, but my wifi is usually around 10% of what it should be (I have Xfinity cable internet with a bran...