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factory reset on wifi router is not working

In spite of holding the reset button for 10 secs and waiting for more than 10 mins, the router returns to pulsing green and the previous wifi network is active, have tried power off/on Any way to reset this ?Thank youMurali

Google Nest Extender with Specker do not coonect to Current Mesh

I have home mesh (3 devices) based over Google WiFi (Gen 1)Today I bought additional 3 more devices - Google Wifi (Gen 1) + Google Nest Extender (Gen 2) I setup a brand new MESH absolutly indipendent from the currently avilable MESH. So I had tow mes...

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RadkoZh by Community Member
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How do I connect two Google Wifi 2nd gen to the same wifi?

I live in a two story house and need to increase our wifi range. One of the Google Wifis are connected to the WAN outlet in the house on the 1st floor. After Ive connected the 2nd Google Wifi with only the power cable, Google Home tells me to connect...

Jomas by Community Member
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Resolved! Connecting all 3 Nest Wifi Pro to WAN to create mesh

Good day to all who reads this post. I am not a technician so I tried to draw as simple as possible.I want to know if all Nest Wifi Pro devices can be directly connected to internet and create 1 mesh for the entire house.(Current Setup)(Setup I want ...

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Moon1 by Community Member
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Router performance degradation over time

Hi, I have a first-generation Google Wifi mesh network with three access points, I've had it for about 3 1/2 years now. It's been working great until maybe six months or so ago. Network performance slowly degrades over time since a reboot of the netw...

Swervo by Community Member
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Please help me with my complicated setup. I am getting DHCP issues.

I have a(n old) triple story concrete house with limited cabling possible. Here is a diagram of my my setup with which I am getting reasonable coverage. I have fairly limited networking knowledge.I think there is a clash between the Google Mesh route...

jannie by Community Member
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Splitting 2.4ghz and 5ghz

Is there a way to manually switch from 5.0 to 2.4 in order to set up these devices?

Zeeyuan by Community Member
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Nest VLAN Slowdown

Hi!Our network is segmented (by VLAN) into a section for each space (totaling 2) on the property and the space monitored by the Nest experienced a periodic outage through the space of about an hour. Devices running in the side closer to the origin ro...

Google nest home

 My Google nest are blinking red not sure how to fix it. I unplugged and plugged back in. Restarted router nothing help