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Is there a better workaround to connect to a 2.4ghz wifi yet?

I've read all the old posts about using an older device or moving way away from an access point to get a Samsung S21 phone to connect to 2.4 ghz, but was hoping google figured out a better solution by now. I have Arlo cameras that I've set up on my m...

Lance1 by Community Member
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Nest Pro firewall vulnerabilities & settings

I have a Nest Pro 6E network. It works fine but when I run a firewall test on using the Shields Up test it reveals that my firewall is vulnerable. The following are open:80 - "The web is so insecure these days that new security "exploits"...

Changing systems

How do I replace my google nest pro mesh system with a completely different mesh system?!just disconnect the router and node points?

Powerline Extender with Google Wifi

Hi there, I am having a similar issue with my setup to a previous user on this thread. am trying to use my primary google wifi connected directly to...

awatt003 by Community Member
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Orange Blink while in the App all is good

After the Pro didn't let me to connect the pro with hard wire, I connect it with wireless, after 2 days I have wireless issues at home and all the 3 points are flashing with Orange.In the App and Mesh test all 4 are good.....Reset does not help to so...

Home Hub 4000/Giga Hub & Google WIFI + Google extender

Hello,I have the Home Hub 4000/Giga Hub (Modem/router), which comes with Bell internet. I tried to set it up as bridge but this modem does not have the option to use it as bridge, instead bell recommends the following:Connect the Ethernet in one of t...

Diego_S by Community Member
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Renaming wifi list - mistake

Couple of questions- first is I went to rename one of my unknown list and when it refreshed it had not changed the one I wanted but something eles.Q1, is there a way to look at history of named devices so I know what it was? Q2, have they created a w...

BNT by Community Member
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Google Mesh loses connectivity to Xfinity router wifi

We have been happily using the Google mesh extenders at our home, connecting the main pod via network cable to the Xfinity router. Great system, very happy. Recently, around 4-5am, I've gotten a Google Home notification that the Google network has lo...

YatesTL by Community Member
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