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I can’t link my laptop and printer to the wifi

I have been trying through the chat with google all day to find out what the network security key is, how to find it and how to reset it and i can’t get anything can someone please help me I am in trouble?

h1 by Community Member
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Google nest connection

After a power outage my nest ( second one)?says I’m not connected Finally found the 8 digit code but now asking for password The one I wrote down doesn’t work and I can’t see a forgot password - help my phone says I’ve got WiFi which is strange since...

hefferc by Community Member
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Matter broke wifi

Who else is having all kinds of connectivity issues with Nest/Google wifi since Google released the Matter update a few days ago? Everything was working fine and now all of a sudden most of my devices are having connectivity issues and all of my Goog...

Wee by Community Member
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Rachio 3 Controller not able to connect to Google Wifi

I've upgraded to Google Mesh Wifi for my home and I've gotten everything to connect with no issues except for my Rachio 3 Sprinkler controller. I've tried connecting to the main network and I've tried connecting to the guest network with no success. ...

DG8 by Community Member
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Google Wifi Issues in Detached Office/Out building

Hi there, I've got a half dozen or so Google Wifi access points throughout my house and they work great (most of them them are connected to cat6). The issue is with my backyard office/garage. I laid a subterranean cat6 cable to the office so that I n...

nick206 by Community Member
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Iphone 14Pro with google mesh router not working

My iphone 14 pro will not hold a phone call when I use a Google mesh router. I have three points. Connectivity to the Internet is solid both up and down loads when I turn Wi-Fi off. The phone works fine. Any suggestions?

Sdperl by Community Member
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Issues connecting to certain apps and websites? It's Weird!!

Hello,I hope everyone is doing well. About a week ago, I have been having network issues I have never seen before. Like my Ring app sometimes does fully load on my phone, also my garage door, and GMC truck app frequently won't work and I have to rest...

Club_AT4 by Community Member
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Connecting Hue Bridge through Google Wifi device

Hi I have a Google Wifi (Gen 1) in a modem/router connection. I have Philips Hue Bridge which I connected to this Google Wifi through ethernet, and the Hue light ups says there is a network and internet connection. Yet when I try to discover it, it i...

ro3743 by Community Member
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Is it possible to get Google WIFI working with BT Smart Hub 2

I have just had Full Fibre installed with BT, and been given a Smart Hub 2 along with it. Is there any way to get my Google WIFI working with the Smart Hub 2 (even with a bit of extra equipment)? I think I know I can connect the Google WIFI direct to...

psmith75 by Community Member
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Does Google Mesh support IPoE and DHCP

Currently have Fibrenest Wi-Fi and router which has a really weak signal. Been recommended buying a Google Mesh 2 pack. Fibrenest has stated that any router I buy must " Ensure that the router is IPoE and can connect to DHCP". What do these mean and ...