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Fast download but very slow upload speed at device

My upload speeds are <1Mbps while my download speeds are >75Mbps on my Google Mesh network. Using HomeApp I see speeds of 10Mvps and 80Mbps upload and download but my iPhone speed test shows <1Mbps upload speed. I’ve factory reset all devices on the ...

Slow speeds WiFi and Hardwire

Have Nest WiFi Pro mesh system setup (3 satellites). My speeds are horrible with 1 Gbps fiber connection:Wifi: 70 down/15 up (Nest is within a few feet of PC)Nest Ethernet: 650 down/15 up (plugged directly into satellite that’s reviving fiber from IS...

Keith924 by Community Member
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Nest Mesh w/ Verizon Modem

I just got a Verizon Modem/Router. Will the Nest Mesh work with this device?

kim9 by Community Member
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Device list doesn't show device name/type

I can see the connected devices over WiFi in the home app. But why it cannot tell/show some devices' name or type? This seems to be especially true for iOS devices.I had other systems before and they do correctly show the name and type of my iOS devi...

Using a switch downstream from GN Pro Router

From what I read on the Google Nest router & mesh installations, I should be able to do this:Modem>Nest Pro Router>switch>Nest Pro Router>Nest Pro Router. (All ethernet connected) Also connected to the switch are ethernet to two PC's and two printers...

Gale by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Slow speeds from points

HiI have a the following gearNest wifi routerNest wifi pointWifi gen 1 routerIf I get the speed beside the Nest router I get a good 500+mb. But I am only getting 80-100 at the points. If I run a test mesh all devices have "Great Connection". I would ...

bergipau by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest and iinet Settings with TP Link AC1600 modem

Hi there,recently purchased a Google nest wifi router with 2 point but cant connect it to the internet with iinet as my ISP and have Superfast HFC.I am using a TP-Link VR1600V (also called AC1600) modem that was supplied by iiNet. I have tried to put...

Dono1968 by Community Member
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How to use a single 2.4GHz channel

I have 3 google mesh pucks (1st generation). One is set up in NAT mode to my subnet with the external router and the other two are in bridge mode and plugged into my private subnet. All three pucks broadcast my SSID but each uses a different 2.4 chan...