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Need help in connecting to 2.4 frequency

Hello,I need help please. I understand that I can't separate 2.4 and 5GHz networks in nest wifi. It's not a big deal for the most part. Where the problem arises is this, I have a device (Rotimatic, bread making machine) that I need to connect with my...

lak601 by Community Member
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Using Google Hub and Point with Talktalk ISP Router

HI. I'm trying to set up a 2 device mesh with a Talktalk FAST5364 router as the 'modem'. I have read all kinds of advice but no 'complete' advice telling me how to set this up. The router has 5 LAN ports and a WAN port. I understand that the ideal th...

Nest Wifi Blocks certain sites, troubleshooting didn't work.

Hello,Out of the box, we've noticed certain sites are blocked using Nest Wifi. As soon as you flip to mobile data, no issues.Tried all suggested troubleshooting in first thread (link below), and also a factory reset. Also confirmed with our ISP that ...

Liz27 by Community Member
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Mesh point connect to...?

Hi,You have a router that connects to your modem and then additional mesh points. Does each mesh point connect to the router or can two mesh points connect to each other? Does each mesh point need a direct connection to the router?Can you set up like...

dhruv22 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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can't connect to wifi

Not sure the product I have. It is a router and two points. It will not connect to house wifi. The reason I need to reconnect is because I changed wifi companies. I have factory reset and tried all the suggestions for connecting. I feel like it has t...

LJK1 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Cannot add my 2 other mesh points

 As the title says. I am not able to get my 2 other Nest wifi point to connect. I’ve read all the closed threads where it has been resolved but after resetting all points many times I am only able to connect the one attached to my modem and the other...

Pionono by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Extend Nest Wifi pro with wired connections?

I have Ethernet ports throughout my home. Instead of relying on bouncing the WiFi connection for a mesh network, it seems hardwire would be faster and more reliable. Can I hardwire additional Nest WiFi Pros as WiFi access points?Attempted scenario: F...

Timmct by Community Member
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Can't create wifi network

I am trying to setup the Nest mesh wifi router I purchased tonight but I am getting error "Something went wrong" "Looks like we lost contact with your Wifi point, Please ensure that WI-Fi and Bluetooth are still enabled, and try setup again" My wifi ...

MrcBchmn by Community Member
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cannot add wifi points to mesh

I am in the US. I purchased the Google wifi 3-points package yesterday, 12/3/22.I successfully set up the first point as the router without issue.I have now spent 3 HOURS trying to connect the remaining 2 points. I have reviewed the multiple closed t...

TheresaL by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Pictures Not Loading on Some Apps/Pages

Installed the Nest Wifi router and Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (apps and website), like for many others, are not loading pictures. Most other sites are fine. I haven't had time to test everything else. Twitter seems to work fine.I changed my pr...

DJank by Community Member
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