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Google wi-fi going haywire

I have a google wi-fi setup consisting of 3 points, but one of them went offline the other day. I tried restarting multiple times, factory resetting, but the Google Home app just won’t find it. However, the wifi point itself acts as if nothing has ha...

twrcn97 by Community Member
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mesh weak signal

Currently I have 5 google wifi points in my home all have been working fine literally up until today, nobodys moved them, I had them all in the same room and still the same result, anyone can provide some suggestions other than "put them i the same r...

sabeuc by Community Member
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Mesh degrading over time

Having an issue with Google WiFi mesh strength. Now when I first set up the network both additional pucks show strong mesh strength. Over a period of about 3 months the mesh gets weaker and weaker to the point that I can't stream video in certain roo...

Jesson81 by Community Member
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Greek language

Why there is no Greek language? 

Vas by Community Member
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Connecting mesh network to new ISP router

I have been running a mesh network off of an ATT gateway for a couple of years and am switching over to a new provider. How do I transition the mesh to the new gateway without losing all of the settings?

AllieMKE by Community Member
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Device Connects, but not App

My Pentair Screen Logic app will not connect locally to my Google Wifi network. I have control in the app remotely, when I am not on the same wifi and it can be controlled through Alexa which is on the same wifi. Any ideas on how to get the app to co...

KCurran by Community Member
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Problem connecting to cloud issue setting up Nest Wifi Router

Hi, I am having a problem setting up my Nest Wifi Router, I can see it in the Google Home App and want to delete it and try adding it again but when I click on the router settings, I cannot get to the delete option as it keeps giving me the error "Pr...

CRH by Community Member
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Unable to add Family member to Google Home

I am trying to add family members to my Google Nest. I was redirected to add Family members to Google Home. Once I select all the pertinent data, I get to the end and get a message the reads "can’t send invite right now". I have confirmed that I am i...

Ccvandyck by Community Member
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How to hardwire 2 Nest WiFi routers?

I have a deck outside with practically zero WiFi connectivity. So I had a direct Ethernet connection installed and connected a 2nd Nest WiFi router to it. But I still hardly get any connectivity, ranging between 0-20Mbps. When I plug a laptop directl...

MarkBoon by Community Member
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