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Problem with Sonos Paired Speakers

Hello. I recently migrated to Google mesh with two access points. My problem I am hoping to get help with us I have a pair of Sonos speakers in my home that I use as a stereo pair. But they won’t work. I have discovered that one uses one access point...

Error when setting up Google WiFi guest network

I am trying to set up a guest network and I continue to receive an error. I am able to type in a guest network name and password and then hit save. After about 15 seconds of the spinning wheel, I receive an error “an error has occurred while attempti...

Slapin by Community Member
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Device usage history

Device wifi usage for the day in the Home app used to show the past 24 hours. It was recently changed to show only the last 4 hours. This is much less useful and it's difficult to understand why this change was made. Please consider reverting.

ed1516 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Wifi Pro 6E. Outdoor?

I am thinking of putting my second node in the garage but I live in Wi, it gets cold in the winter. I have been looking for the temperature restrictions of the device and have been unable. Anyone know?

Brodieman by Community Member
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Google Home app Wifi device usage stats still completely wrong

Hi,Has anyone heard any updates on the problematic Google Home Wifi usage stats? Today I tried looking at the family device usage and:numbers for the current day showed some variation (which is fair), but...numbers for 7 days and 31 days were either ...

Google nest pro 6e wont turn back on after unplugging

My google nest pro has no sign of power after being unplugged. I unplugged it because it was blocking the outlet above it, ended up plugging back into where it was and now it will not turn on at all even though it's been working perfectly fine, I jus...

LexS by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi throttled

my google nest wifi is throttled to 100 mbps unless i set it to prioritized in which case I can see 300 MBps throughput. The network's fairly idle , why is the speed test being throttled in this case? Is this by design?

coolac by Community Member
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Google Wifi Permanent Device Priority

I'm not sure why this hasn't been implemented by now.How difficult would it be to program a priority list of at least 10 devices (or really, as many as possible) on the app. And yes, permanently!It seems so simple. I know at least 3-6 devices on my n...

siniarch by Community Member
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Resolved! Google WiFi 6 to Nest Pro - What is the process?

I have a Google WiFi 6 router for my 1GB fiber service. I need QoS and have been told I need to switch to Nest Pro. Does Nest Pro natively support fiber or do I need to add Nest Pro to the existing fiber router and then disable the WiFi functionality...